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Master Knitter Monday: Issue #4

I have two ‘almost’ swatches to show you today. ‘Almost’ because the swatches are knit up, but they’re not seamed yet.

Here’s my new Swatch #2 – a reverse Stockinette swatch. 

Swatch #2 blocking

The rowing out is better, I think, although the camera is picking some up that I can’t really see in person.  Weird.  I think it will be acceptable.  I’ll seam it up today and then decide if I need to re-knit it.  Boy, level 2 so far for me is re-knit hell.

Here’s my Swatch #3 – Seed stitch. 

Swatch #3 blocking

I really don’t like seed stitch, and I ended up knitting these very slowly – because I took great care with my tension as I knit them.  A ‘proper’ seed stitch (to pass the MK program, anyway!) has no visible holes between the knits and purls.  To counter my normally loose purls when coming off a knit (a normal occurence – if you look at how the stitches work) I work a combined purl on seed stitch and ribbing and cables and such.  (This page has a great video on combined purls. Although I knit English style instead of Continental, but it’s essentially the same.)  Which means I have to pay particular attention to knit the stitches the correct way on the following row and not twist them.  But it makes for a very nice and dense seed stitch.  As long as I seam these up nicely I don’t think I’ll need to re-knit these.  At least that’s something. 🙂

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  1. Oooh, that’s a very good tip about the combined purls… I’ll have to check that out!

    Look, we’re all learning!

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