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WiP Wednesday

I’m still working on the same two shawls!  Not as much on the Maple Wing as the Laminaria – I really want to get that done so I don’t have to be frantically knitting at the last minute.  Here’s what I have so far:

Laminaria in progress - just a blob of bumpy lace knitting right now.

I finished the first edging chart last night, and there’s only one more 12-row edging chart to go!  It’s going a bit slower now that I’m adding some beads, but I still anticipate having it done by next week!  I’ve not enjoyed this pattern as well as the Aeolian shawl (same designer) for some reason.  Probably due to all the 3-into-9 stitches.  So I can’t see myself knitting another one of these.  But, who knows – after blocking I may just change my mind. 🙂

Happy Knitting everyone!

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