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WiP Wednesday

Hi all!  So it’s not a WiP anymore, aside from blocking the thing – but here’s my blob of Bugga lace ready to be blocked:

Camp Loopy shawl ready to be blocked

I should have a nicely blocked shawl to show you on Friday!  I can’t wait to block the squishy thing and see it in all it’s glory.  And then permanently attach it to my shoulders. 🙂

Since I finished it last night, I have a new WiP to show you today.

Brace yourselves…

Gasp!! Two large holes!!

It’s my Hemlock Blanket that I finished back in 2008.  It’s place of honor is on the back of our wingback chair in the living room.  I pull it off in the winter to cover my legs when it’s gets chilly in the house.  Evidently it sat for a bit too long here recently without being moved and something got to it.  I’m assuming a carpet beetle, which I get in the house once in a while despite all my efforts to exterminate the buggers.  (Don’t worry, my stash is safely stored in thick plastic bags and is sorted through and examined several times a year.)

They ate a chunk out of the edging too!

My WiP for today is to try to fix it.  (And then to spray bug-killer around the perimeter of the house again!)  Wish me luck!!

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4 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday”

  1. That is one amazingly beautiful lace-blob, even unblocked. I can’t wait to see it after the blocking magic happens.

    And yikes, sorry about the beetle damage! 🙁

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