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WiP Wednesday

I almost let Wednesday pass by without posting for WiP Wednesday!  My husband’s been out of town again, and that always makes for super-busy days!!

But, I’ve got a few minutes right now to show you how much I’ve gotten done on my shawl:

I’m 24 rows into the second lace section.  I figure I’m about 25% done.  Or I hope so since I’ve used about 25% of my yarn! 🙂  This is the EZ 100th Anniversary Camping half-circle shawl that I linked to on Monday, and I’m using Sanguine Gryphon Bugga yarn in ‘Dog Days Cicada’.  I cannot wait to have this shawl finished because it’s going to be so soft.  It may end up permanently attached to my shoulders, in spite of the heat.

The boys have been a handful the last few days, and to brighten my week my husband sent me these:

Is that not the sweetest thing?  I love him to bits.

I hope you’ve been having a wonderful week so far – mine has improved immensely today!  Happy Knitting!!

8 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday”

  1. That is just the sweetest thing very thoughtful of him. That shawl is looking so good. Loving everything about it, I wouldn’t blame you if you never took it off, if it is so gorgeous AND soft as well.

    Hope the boys give you an easier time! Take care.

  2. Yarn is nom. Shawl is coming along beautifully. Children will be children. Flowers are beautiful, and more proof that husband is as amazing as his wife.

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