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More Master Knitter Swatches.

Okay, so I meant to write up a post yesterday for Master Knitter Monday, but it got too busy, so here it is a day late! ūüôā

I have lots more to show you!  All my swatches are now done!! Yay!  Of course the 4 that I saved for last (the 4 buttonhole swatches) are the ones that gave me the most fits.

MK lvl2 Swatch #19
1×1 rib with buttonholes
(vertical on top, horizontal in middle and eyelet on bottom)
MK lvl2 Swatch #20
2×2 rib with buttonholes
MK lvl2 Swatch #21
Seed stitch with buttonholes
MK lvl2 Swatch #22
1×1 rib with evenly spaced buttonholes (eyelet buttonholes)

I tried my¬†best¬†to do 3 different horizontal buttonholes on these, but everything except the tulips buttonhole looked like crap. ¬†So, I ended up with that same horizontal buttonhole on all 3 vertical swatches. ¬†Oh well – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?? ¬†But I did do three different eyelet buttonholes, although the vertical buttonholes are essentially the same type as well.

The wristlet was a fun little knit, and I’m really happy with the colors I ended up choosing:

Fair Isle Wristlet

I’ll start the argyle sock later today, and the vest is already in the pattern writing stage – I’ll knit it once my sock is done.

Yarn for my Argyle Sock

Other than that I just have the report and 4 book reviews to do and then I’ll be ready to send it off! ¬†Not too bad – I think I’ll still be able to send it off by the end of the month (hopefully!)

I’ll show you my other WiP tomorrow – I’m about halfway done with my Spectra!

Happy Knitting!

Master Knitter Posts

Masters Monday – Lots of swatches!!

I’ve had Level 2 instructions in my hands since 2009. ¬†And now 2012 is almost over. ¬†That’s pitiful!! ¬†Well, since I’ve dawdled a bit too long, of course a new version of the instructions came out about a week ago. ¬†More than just a few typos were fixed in this revision! ¬†The biggest change is replacing the Fair Isle mitten (done in worsted) with a Fair Isle wristlet (done in fingering). ¬†I’m a bit bummed I won’t get to submit my cute little mitten for review – the mitten that took me over 4 tries to look really good. ¬†(Fair Isle in worsted and at a circumference of 6 inches is REALLY hard!!) ¬†But, I am looking forward to knitting up the wristlet, it’s a really nice pattern – and I have lots of Knit Picks Palette I can choose my colors from. ¬†It’ll be a fun knit, I think.

Anyhow – I’ve still been really hard at work getting my swatches done. ¬†I have all but 4 done now! ¬†First, I’ll show you a few of the ones I re-did (either¬†because¬†I didn’t like them as they were or because the instructions changed on one or two details about the swatch).

I had to redo my short row shoulders with seam swatches – the first set of instructions didn’t specify a contrasting colored thread for the seam, so I needed to redo them and work the seam in a contrasting color.

MK lvl 2 Swatch 8
Short Rows with 3 needle bind off
MK lvl 2 Swatch 9
Short rows with kitchener stitch seam

I reblocked swatch 14 – the starlight lace swatch, since it didn’t seem square enough for me the first time.
MK lvl 2 Swatch 14

Here’s my last lace swatch – traveling vine lace.
MK lvl 2 Swatch 15

And here are my three cable swatches, the last one compensates for cable flare at the top and the bottom.
MK lvl 2 Swatch 16

MK lvl 2 Swatch 17

MK lvl 2 Swatch 18

I skipped the 4 buttonhole swatches – I’ll do them next, but I wanted to do some research first on the best buttonholes to use.

Here is my neckline swatch with picked up stitches.
MK lvl 2 Swatch 23

And here is my inset pocket swatch.  I had a devil of a time working this one!  But I think it turned out pretty well!
MK lvl 2 Swatch 24

So, all I have left is the 4 buttonhole swatches (I’ll do those over the next few days), one or two more questions to answer, the 4 book reviews, the history report, the Fair Isle wristlet, the argyle sock, and the vest. ¬†Oh my goodness, that is still A LOT! ¬†I’d better get to it…

Happy Knitting!  (And Swatching!!)

WiP Posts

WiP Wednesday

I’ve gotten quite a bit done on the Master Knitter front! ¬†I have several swatches to show you today:

MK lvl 2 Swatch 9
Swatch #9 – redone (short row shoulder with kitchener stitch seam)
MK lvl 2 Swatch #10
Swatch #10 (twisted decreases – blended)
MK lvl 2 Swatch #11
Swatch #11 (twisted decreases – full fashioned)
MK lvl2 Swatch #12
Swatch #12 (center double decrease)
MK lvl2 Swatch #13
Swatch #13
MK lvl2 Swatch 14
Swatch #14

I’m not sure that swatch #12 is good enough – I’m seeing a bit of wonky stitches in there, although it looks more prominent in the photo than in real life. ¬†And I may need to re-block #14 since the one edge didn’t stay straight evidently. ¬†But that’s a big dent in my swatch knitting! ¬†I have #15 done, but it needs to be blocked, and I’m in the middle of swatch #16. I’m hoping to be completely done with Level 2 and to get it mailed out before Christmas – and I think it’s a do-able goal! ¬†ūüôā

I haven’t been doing¬† just swatches, although that’s been most of what I’ve been doing! ¬† also knitted up a Dice Bag for my husband:
Dice Bag

Pattern:  Dice Bag with D6 Pattern
Yarn:  Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Dusk and White
Needles:  US5
Started September 13th. ¬†Finished September 14th. ūüôā

He’s gotten into playing Dungeons and Dragons, so he really liked it. ūüôā

So that’s what I’ve been doing lately – and I hope to have several more swatches to show you next week, too.

Happy Knitting everyone!

WiP Posts

Still here…

I’m still chugging away – I do have a new sweater to show you, but it’s blocking at the moment, so I’m going to wait to show it to you until it’s all dry and I can model it for you. ¬†It’s the Girl Friday sweater I had started way back when – all it needed was another sleeve, so I pulled it out after I finished my Ravellenic sweater and went ahead and finished it up.

I’m about done with sock #1 of my Rattlesnake Creek socks:


And our Thursday night Knit Night group has started a KAL of Spectra – here’s what I have so far:


I’m using Knit Picks Capretta (so soft!) and my own handspun from a while ago.

AND, I have pulled out my Master Knitter level 2 swatches and have been working on those. ¬†I’ve redone the ones that weren’t up to snuff (there were about 3 of those) and I’ve started on the decrease swatches – beginning with swatch #10. ¬†I’ve also decided to scrap what I have for my vest and start over with a design of my own. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Which means I need to figure out what lace pattern I’m going to use and get busy cranking some numbers….

Hopefully I’ll get a chance this weekend to photograph the swatches I’ve been working on.

Happy Knitting!!

Master Knitter Posts

Master Knitter Monday #16: TKGA Wrap-Up

I’m back from an amazing 5 days at the TKGA conference in Greensboro, NC.¬† The whole experience was phenomenal.¬† I took a good number of classes, and went to several events, and also met so many wonderful people and had such great conversations!

The ‘On Your Way to the Masters’ day on Wednesday was fantastic.¬† Spending the day with other knitters¬†going through the program was really great!¬† And getting feedback on my swatches was invaluable.¬† I’ve regained my enthusiasm for the program and I’ll renew my efforts to get my level 2 done and submitted.¬† I had kind of stalled on my progress (as I’m sure you blog readers probably noticed!) but now I’m excited to get back to work and get it done very soon.

My Wednesday night class was ‘Intarsia and Argyles’ with Arenda¬†Holladay.¬† She is a wonderful teacher!!¬† I am much more confident in tackling Intarsia now, and after a bit more practice I’ll start my argyle sock for level 2.

Argyle swatch with duplicate stitch lines

My Thursday afternoon class was ‘Colorful Cables’ with Melissa Leapman – another wonderful teacher!!¬† I learned several different ways to do 2 color cables.¬† Very neat!!¬† I’d love to design a sweater for my boys using the one with the blocks of color on each side (the top right one in the photo below).

my colorful cables swatches

All day Friday I took ‘Math for Knitters’ and ‘More Math for Knitters’ with Edie Eckman.¬† FANTASTIC!¬† I learned so much on Friday.¬† I think I’m still absorbing all that learning 3 days later.¬† I’ve gained quite a bit of confidence about figuring out the numbers for sweaters.¬† I have lots of ideas for sweater designs floating around in my head now!

Game night on Friday night was so much fun!¬† Last Knitter Standing is a great game – everyone was laughing so hard the whole time!¬† I’m hoping the Charlotte Yarn ladies sold lots of copies of the game!

The TKGA¬†dinner and fashion show on Saturday night was wonderful as well.¬† I chickened¬†out on modeling my own entries into the show, but it was very neat seeing my shawl and sweater being modeled on the ‘catwalk’, and having Lily Chin rib me about being an overacheiver¬†with my Ravelympics sweater. ūüôā

my Lilah shawl being modeled
My Ravelympics sweater being modeled

I also splurged a bit at the Shopping Floor Рbut I stayed within my budget (for the most part!)  Found a new-to-me indie dyer (Unplanned Peacock Studio), and got some roving from an Alpaca farm based in Kentucky (Flaggy Meadow Fiberworks).  I also got some gorgeous glass buttons and a couple necklaces, as well as finally getting a pair of earrings from Sassafras Creations (been wanting a pair for forever!)

Overall, it was a fantastic 5 days that I will never forget!!