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WiP Wednesday

I had to take a last-minute trip to Atlanta Sunday night, so wasn’t able to post my ‘Master Knitter Monday’ post, but I didn’t have much of anything to show you on that front, anyway.  And what little I had to show you you’ll see today instead!

I have a bit more to show you this week than last week!  I was down in Atlanta because my grandmother needed surgery to repair a broken hip (she ended up not needing a hip replacement – they were able to put a rod and pins in the bone since the break was below the hip-joint) – and I was there mostly for my mom, since she was going to be in the hospital by herself with my grandma all day Monday otherwise.  The surgery went well, thankfully, and now I’m back home.  Because I had lots of time in the hospital, I got lots of knitting done!

The shawl has grown to about half of it’s expected final size:

(Details: ‘Queen Silvia’ pattern from Knitted Lace of Estonia using ColourMart 100% cashmere lace yarn.)

I’m on the tenth repeat (out of 20) right now!  Yay for halfway!  I sure hope this yarn softens up once washed, because right now it feels like cotton instead of cashmere.  But supposedly it blooms nicely and softens up when it’s washed.  Let me tell you, I’m going to be quite upset if it doesn’t!!

I also got a few more rows done on my sweater design prototype/sample (but of course I can’t show you that).  It is so close to being done, I’m extremely excited!  Pattern writing took a temporary pause, but now that I’m home to my computer I can resume!

I knitted a few rows on my Master Knitter vest as well (but not many – I knitted mostly on the shawl since I was worried I’d be too distracted to keep my tension consistent on the vest):

I think the tension is looking alright, maybe just a bit wonky here and there – hopefully blocking will take care of any irregularities.

So that’s it for this week’s WiP Wednesday!  I do have a super-cute FO to show you, so stay tuned on Friday to see that!

If you want to see some more WiPs, then take a gander over to Tami’s Amis to check out some more!

Happy Knitting!!

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