Master Knitter Posts

Check-In from TKGA

Yesterday I spent all day at the ‘On Your Way to the Masters’ Day at the TKGA conference in Greensboro, NC.  In the morning we had several general sessions with committee members and co-chairs of the Master Knitter program – where they shared information applicable to all knitters working through the Master Knitter program, no matter what level you’re on.  Then, in the afternoon (after a wonderful lunch!) we broke into groups and covered topics more specific to the particular level we are on, and also had a chance to have our swatches looked at and reviewed by the committee members. 

The whole day was just so informative!!  It was invaluable to have the chance to talk to the people who actually do the reviewing of submitted notebooks, and to get constructive feedback in person.  And to also see what goes into the reviewing process was very insightful.  The swatches of mine that I thought were not good were actually fine, and some of the ones I thought were fine were actually not!  I’ll be able to approach the rest of level 2 with a renewed energy and excitement, and with some great tips on how to improve my work.

The chance to meet and make some new friends was just as invaluable.  I contend that knitters are the most wonderful and friendly people on the planet.  My table-mates were so friendly, and I had a wonderful day from start to finish.

I finished off the day with the Intarsia class with Arenda Holladay, and it was a fantastic class.  Arenda is an amazing teacher!  I was able to see her fair isle sweater (from the cover of the Aug/Oct Cast On magazine) in person, and it is even more impressive in person than it is in print (if you can believe THAT!)

I have another class this afternoon, and a full day of classes on Friday.  As well as several evening events, too.  And shopping.  I’m breaking my yarn diet, oh yes.  My wonderful mother-in-law gave me a gift of some fun-money, and it WILL be spent on fun stuff! 🙂

Maybe I’ll see some of you over the next few days!  (I already met some blog readers yesterday!  Which totally blows my mind, by the way!)

Happy Knitting everyone!!


Master Knitter Monday #15

I only have one swatch to show you today:

Swatch #9

This is swatch #9 – short rows with a kitchener seam.  I used the Japanese method of short rows for this one (for swatch #8 I used my usual wrap and turn method).  It’s a bit more fiddly, but makes for a neater stockinette side when you’re done, I think.

Close up of short rows

Although my swatch seems a bit bumpy in spots so I may try to re-block it, we’ll see.

I spent most of my master knitter time this weekend getting all of my swatch info sheets written up.  I was bad and didn’t write my sheets as I knit each swatch. (oops!!)  I had kept notes, though, so it wasn’t too difficult to write them up.  The research for my references for each technique took quite a bit of time, though.  I also answered all the questions relating to the first 9 swatches, so all the knitting AND written work for the first 9 swatches is done!

Which means the first three sections of swatches (all the swatches dealing with seams) are done and I can move on to the fourth section of swatches – which deal with special types of decreases.  Since I only have to knit ONE swatch for each swatch (instead of two and then seam them) it should go a bit faster…  I hope.

Happy Knitting everyone!!

WiP Posts

WiP Wednesday

I totally meant to post on Monday for Masters Monday, but I forgot to.  I do have some Master Knitter stuff to show you this week, so I’ll show you today instead!

Here’s my Swatch #7 pre- and post-seaming (I had shown you the pre-seaming shot last week, if you recall) –

Swatch 7 - blocking
Swatch #7 seamed

I love the magic of seaming just about as much as I love the magic of blocking.  There’s no trace of the stair steps from the original unseamed swatches – and that is accomplished by choosing your seam stitches very carefully! 🙂

Here’s Swatch #8 blocking:

Swatch #8 - seamed and blocking

This one is short rows with a three needle bind off seam.  Not sure if I’m happy with the tension around the short rows, but I’ll leave it for now and see what the committee members have to say about it – maybe I’m being overly critical.

Close up of short rows

Moving on to my ‘fun’ knitting – here are my socks as of today:

Viking Socks in progress

I’m not happy with the ribbing on the toe of the first one, so I think once I finish the second one I’ll rip the toe out on the first one and redo it.  I hope to have the second sock done in a day or two – I only have one and a half more repeats of the instep cable to go before I can start the toe!  These are for Camp Loopy project #2, so I need to finish them by the 15th at the very latest – but I should have them done way before then.

I’ll fill you in on my project selection and yarn for Camp Loopy project #3 once I get the yarn in the mail, which should be in just few days.

Happy Knitting!!

WiP Posts

WiP Wednesday

My husband has been out of town again, which means I have surprisingly little free time to write up blog posts!!  But I’ve stolen a few moments today to post for WiP Wednesday.

You all will be proud of me  – I’ve knitted another Master Knitter Swatch!  (Thanks for the butt-kick, B!)  It’s blocking now and hasn’t been seamed yet, but it’s a start.

Swatch 7 - blocking

I’m starting on the next swatch today, too.  (You guys seriously need to keep me on task with these!!  I have GOT to have as many done as I possibly can before the TKGA conference at the end of September!!)

I also finished my first sock for the Camp Loopy project #2.  These took me so much longer than socks usually take me – mostly because of the whole frogging and re-casting-on drama that I had with these.  I think the second sock should go much faster.  (I hope!)

back of sock

These are the Viking socks I linked to last week. I’m knitting them in Madelinetosh Tosh Sock yarn – in the Calligraphy colorway.   The yarn is showing the cables much better in the 2×2 rib, I think.  I’m very happy that I decided to switch patterns.  Sock #2 was started last night, but I’m only a couple rows into the ribbing, so there’s not much to see there.

Anyhow, that’s all I have for today.  The boys are now fighting upstairs over who knows what, so I need to dash!

Happy Knitting everyone!!


Master Knitter Monday #14

I started on swatch # 7, but it’s still not done, so I don’t really have anything to show you.  But it’s being worked on, I promise!  I should have at least the one swatch to show you next week, but I’m going to shoot for two (or more!) swatches.

Registration for the Fall TKGA conference opened up today!  I registered as soon as it opened up because I wanted to be sure to get the classes I wanted.  It looks like I got all the classes I was shooting for: Intarsia/Argyles, Colorful Cables, and all day Math for Knitters.  I also registered for the all day Master Knitter workshops and the Fashion Show/Dinner and the TKGA Game Night.  I can’t wait until September!!  Yikes! … I need to get cracking on these swatches!!!

(You can pop over here to register yourself – it should be loads of fun!!)

That’s it for me today, but I have several things to show you on Wednesday, so be sure to come back then!

Happy Knitting!!