Master Knitter Monday: Issue #5

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Sometimes blocking can help even your knitting out.  And sometimes if one blocking doesn’t do the trick, two blockings will. 

To try to save myself from knitting swatch #2 again, I blocked it a second time.  It looks a bit better now:

Swatch #2 blocking a second time.

And here it is seamed:

Swatch #2 - seamed.

It only appears as though it doesn’t line up at the bottom – the swatch doesn’t want to lie flat now that it’s seamed.  I wonder if I should block it a third time?? 🙂

And here is my seed stitch swatch all seamed up:

Swatch #3 - seamed.

I feel like I’m on a roll now, so hopefully I’ll have a few more swatches to show you next week!

2 thoughts on “Master Knitter Monday: Issue #5”

  1. Heck yeah, block that sucker again! TAME THE YARN!

    You’re making such good progress, and I’m so excited to see it every week 🙂


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