Master Knitter Monday: Issue #9 – Part Deux

I know it’s Tuesday.  I just didn’t think Master Knitter Tuesday sounded very good.  Besides, this is just a continuation of yesterday’s post.  🙂

I knitted my swatch and blocked it yesterday.  Yes, I even block my swatches when necessary.  I avoid swatching (and blocking swatches, for that matter) as much as possible, but sometimes it can’t be avoided.  This is certainly one of those times.  I want no mistakes in this project!

I swatched in stockinette and then tried out a ‘twin rib’ pattern I was considering for the body.  I’m extremely happy with how the stockinette looks and feels, so I think I’ll just stick with that for the body.  I like the rib, but I like the stockinette better.

And I changed my mind and went with a 1×1 rib for the bottom band.  I’m going to make a very simple vest, with no real shaping at the waist  – not sure how I’ll do the neckline yet, but I’m pretty sure I want a V-neck.  Even though it’ll be plain, it’s by no means an easy knit – to do right, that is.  Stockinette and 1×1 rib are among the hardest things to knit with no tension problems.  And they make any mistakes glaringly obvious.  (Leave it to me to go the hard route!) I will have to knit with care.

I calculated my cast on numbers based on the size I want and my gauge from my stockinette swatch, and got started on the actual knitting late last night.

The rib is going slowly, because of the care I am taking to get the tension super-even.  This is all I have so far:

But at least it’s a start!

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