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Master Knitter Monday: Issue #7

I’ve got a couple swatches to show you today!

Here’s Swatch #4 – 1×1 ribbing seamed. 

Swatch #4, seamed

And here’s Swatch #5 – 2×2 ribbing seamed.

Swatch #5, seamed

I have Swatch #6 knit and blocked, but not seamed yet – it’s a horizontal to vertical seamed edge.  I should have that to show you next week.  Plus hopefully some more as well – if I can stay motivated and crank some more out.  6 swatches down, 18 more to go!  Hey, I’m 1/4 of the way done with my swatches!

1 thought on “Master Knitter Monday: Issue #7”

  1. Those look incredible! Yay 1/4 done! That’s how I manage big projects… I set small goals and it feels like I’m getting more accomplished.

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