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I’m so excited!!

Lilah – handspun version

In case you didn’t notice, my very first third-party published pattern was released today in Knitty!  I am beyond excited about it!  From the front page, click on patterns and then find mine – Lilah.   But be sure to check out all the other fantastic designs in this month’s issue as well!  I really like the Rivercat Socks and Julia.  And Verdant is very intriguing, too!

Lilah – medium version. Knit in FibroFibers Special Edition Nightfall yarn.

Designing this shawl was an absolute joy from beginning to end.  I had what I wanted pictured in my head, and when I couldn’t find an existing pattern that fit what I wanted I decided to take the plunge and design it myself.  It took a few swatches and several iterations of charts before the design started to come together.   Once I had the design tweaked to my satisfaction, I knit all three version in record time – and truly enjoyed knitting each one – but especially spinning the yarn and knitting the large handspun version.

Small version in Dream in Color Starry yarn

Once I had it written up, I decided to try submitting it to Knitty.  Why not, right?  And it got in!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Happy Knitting everyone!

10 thoughts on “I’m so excited!!”

  1. This is the perfect expression of how I know you to be… you see something, and you bring it into being. I cannot express how happy I am for you, and proud of this accomplishment!


  2. Was finally back on Knitty today, and catching up. Read Lilah pattern, and my jaw dropped. This is gorgeous! I must knit one. (after the socks I’m working on, and the birthday scarf, and….) I love the feathers. Maybe I’ll feel like I’ve got an angel hug like Lilah’s Noah! But my favorite Archangel was either Gabriel or Gaaron 🙂

    1. So glad you like it!!
      Yes, I have to say my favorite Archangel is Gabriel. Maybe because he was the first one I was introduced to. Or because I love the Rachel/Gabriel story so much. But the Gaaron/Susannah story is one of my favorites, too!

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