FO Posts, Patterns Released

FO and a new Pattern!

Hi all!

I have a new pattern out! Zick Zack Fingerless Mitts . These were released in the newest issue of Cast On magazine. I had a lot of fun designing them! The fabric on these is nice and dense, which should come in handy when the temps start to drop (hopefully we’ll get cooler weather soon?? Pretty please??)

So, I also finally have a FO to show you on this Wednesday. ūüôā¬† (It’s too hot for a modeled FO photo – when it cools down I’ll have to post an update with a photo of it being worn! It looks even better being worn – it has some negative ease so it fits snugly.)

Pattern:  Ryrau by Steinunn Birna Gudjonsdottir
Yarn:  Copper Corgi Jones Street Sport in colors Natural and Dark Teal
Needles:  US4 and US5
Start Date:  April 18, 2017
Finish Date:  August 5, 2017

Modifications: ¬†I made quite a few modifications. I knit the sweater flat instead of steeking the opening. I added one stitch at each side as a purl stitch for a fake ‘seam’ line. I casted on one extra st at the opening edge once I got to the colorwork section (Just to give me two sts for the selvedge there.) Knitted the size large, since I went down a needle size for better drape on my fabric.¬† I adjusted the chart so that it is symmetrical on the fronts (I decreased one stitch) – and started chart on column 2 instead, and then ended on column 34. (The non-symmetry really bothered me!) I added two sets of short rows at the back after the colorwork section to raise the back neckline a bit. (As it is I should have done even more.) Also the decrease rows (19 and 21) on chart are incorrect as written! There should be ‚Äėno stitch‚Äô next to each decrease symbol for the chart to work correctly – I adjusted where I decreased to make it work out correctly. (Also, technically the row #s should all be on the right hand side of the chart since you‚Äôre supposed to be knitting in the round‚Ķit worked well for me though since I was knitting flat.)

Overall I’m somewhat happy with it. I really love the colors. BUT… the armscye opening is way too shallow – I really don’t like that much negative ease at the armholes. And I’m unhappy with the top neckline. When I wear it I just won’t button the top two buttons, but the top edge comes up too high for my comfort, while the back sits lower. I suspected that the armholes would be too shallow, but I thought blocking might remedy it enough. Blocking helped a good bit, but not quite enough.¬† I might wear this come winter (with a snug tee on underneath) or I might not. :-/¬† So – lesson learned. From now on I’ll just knit my own designs since I know they will fit me. LOL!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

Patterns Released

Noctilucent Shawl

Hi again!

Have you gotten the newest issue of Knitscene?¬† Well, you should!¬† It’s a fantastic issue!¬† But, on top of that – I have a pattern in it!!

Check out my ‘Noctilucent Shawl’ on page 49.

It’s a bottom up 2 color shawl.¬† Shawl begins with a ruffled bottom, and then moves into 2 different slipped stitch patterns.¬† I’m super happy with how it turned out, and it’s a fun knit!¬† I hope you like it!


©Knitscene/Harper Point Photography

Happy Knitting!

Oh – I’ll be teaching next week at the TKGA conference in Charleston SC. I’m really excited and can’t wait! I’ll be posting from the conference throughout the week, so keep an eye out here!

Happy Knitting!

FO Posts

FO Friday – New pattern!

Well, it’s FO Friday and I have a new pattern to share with you!

Autumn Wheat Socks

Autumn Wheat in FibroFibers Archie

The sample will be on display at SAFF¬†in the FibroFibers booth, so if you’re heading to Asheville this weekend be sure to swing by Jen’s booth and check it out!¬† (And buy some of her yarn while you’re at it!)

Autumn Wheat in Knit Picks Palette

The sock is knit from the cuff down, and the pattern utilizes increases and decreases, plus cluster stitches.  This pattern works well with variegated yarns that might tend to pool.  It looks great in a more solid color yarn as well, where the pattern can really stand out!

The pattern includes both charts and written directions, and it’s available for purchase¬†over on Ravelry!¬† (You don’t have to be a member of Ravelry to purchase it, but you should¬†be a member of Ravelry!!)

I hope you like it!

Have a great weekend, and happy knitting!!



I’m so excited!!

Lilah - handspun version

In case you didn’t notice, my very first third-party published pattern was released today in Knitty!¬† I am beyond excited about it!¬†¬†From the front page, click on patterns and then find mine – Lilah.¬† ¬†But be sure to check out all the other fantastic designs in this month’s issue as well!¬† I really like¬†the Rivercat Socks¬†and Julia.¬† And Verdant is very intriguing, too!

Lilah - medium version. Knit in FibroFibers Special Edition Nightfall yarn.

Designing this shawl was an absolute joy from beginning to end.¬† I had what I wanted pictured in my head, and when I couldn’t find an existing pattern that fit what I wanted I decided to take the plunge and design it myself.¬† It took a few swatches¬†and several iterations¬†of charts before the design started to come together.¬†¬† Once I had the design tweaked to my satisfaction, I knit all three version in record time – and truly enjoyed knitting each one – but especially spinning the yarn and knitting the large handspun version.

Small version in Dream in Color Starry yarn

Once I had it written up, I decided to try submitting it to Knitty.  Why not, right?  And it got in!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Happy Knitting everyone!


William’s Socks – Expanded

My (sort of) new pattern is available starting today: ‘William’s Socks – Expanded’.

I say ‘sort-of’ new because it’s an expansion of my free pattern for toddlers/children.¬† I’ve included instructions for 3 different sizes (child, women, men) – as well as¬†2 different gauges for the child size.¬† There are also some extra instructions for customizing the fit a bit better – which is especially important in the adult sizes, due to the nature of the construction of these socks.

These are some very comfy socks, with padding on the bottom of the heel – and they are also very forgiving in the fit of the foot circumference.

Heel Detail

It’s available as a Ravelry¬†download (you don’t need to be a member of Ravelry to purchase it, by the way, but you should¬†be a member of Ravelry, because it’s an awesome knit/crochet resource!)


(It’s also listed on my Patterns for Purchase page.)