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WiP Wednesday

I have lots on the needles now – LOTS!  I’m on a roll cranking out the MK swatches, but I’ll save those to show you on Monday.  I also have 3 half-pairs of socks that need mates soon (before the boys have another growth spurt!), but I’ve put those on hold for the time being – I’ll be sure to pick them up again in the next few days, but for now they are hibernating.

My shawl is still on the needles of course, and do you notice that it’s a tad bit shorter than when you saw it last?

Silvia Shawl

Yep, I discovered that I made a mistake in reading the chart rows, and had to rip out about 20 rows of knitting. o.O  And I am a crazy fearless lace knitter and never use lifelines.  It wasn’t too bad this time around because of the loose gauge I’m knitting at and the stiffness of the yarn (it’s waxed cashmere yarn for machine knitting, which should soften up immensely once washed, but is fairly stiff to knit with pre-washing).  I was easily able to find the row I needed to go back to and pick up the stitches before ripping back.  It would have been a bear with a different yarn, though.  I still somehow don’t think I’ll learn my lesson.  ::grin::

I also have a new pair of socks on the needles – and these are special.

Maize Socks - one toe started.

This will be the only time you’ll see them before they are done because they are going to be a design for Jen at FibroFibers.  This is her Archie yarn in the Maize colorway (it’s actually one of Brooke’s colorways).  I just hope my planned design will do the yarn justice. It reminds me of Autumn and Halloween – very pretty. So keep your eyes peeled in the next couple of months for the finished design.

Anyway, that’s a quick update of some of what’s on my needles right now!

Happy knitting everyone!

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  1. OOooh, new design! New socks! Love the colorway!

    You are crazy fearless and we love you for it!

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