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New member of the family

Well, we got the boys a hamster the other day. (I’ll be doing the pet-parenting, though, since they’re 4 and 2!)

She’s a sweet little hammy – very sociable. She’s only nipped me once, and to be fair I think my fingers smelled like food. She handles being picked up and petted very well. I’m not sure what exact type she is – she has slightly longer fur than a shorthair, but her fur isn’t really as long as a longhair though either. She’s very fuzzy and has a cute white-ish chin and belly. The boys named her Raven from Teen Titans (Azarath Metrion Zinthos!). I don’t think she has supernatural powers though. 🙂

So our family has grown by one, albeit a very little one!


On the knitting front – I’m almost done with the second sock of my own design that I was working on. I’m hoping to work on it non-stop tonight so I can enter it in the SKA June Sockdown, we’ll see if I can get it done by midnight! Here’s the way I ended up doing the gusset:



I like the way it ended up much better. The cable actually hugs the instep a little as it moves up to resume the twisted cable on the foot. I’m definitely going to at least knit part of a sock in a solid color to show off the leaf pattern, since you can’t see it so well in the multi-color yarn.

And I’ve joined the craziness that is Ravelympics! Basically you knit as much as you can from the time the Olympic torch is lit until the closing ceremonies. Some people are trying to do a sweater, or a lace shawl, or more than one. I am going to try to do the Gift Knits Pentathlon (knitting 5 gifts!) and the WIP Wrestling (try to finish wips – in my case 4 of them!). I highly doubt I’ll finish all 9 things, but that’s OK- it’s all about the effort. 🙂 I’ll keep you posted.

Update on FIL – He’s doing well with the chemo. He finished his first 6 week round, and the cat scan shows no real improvement, but it hasn’t gotten any worse either, so it’s not bad news in my book. He’s starting his second 6 week treatment this week, so hopefully after this next round we’ll start to see some good things. Fingers crossed.

That’s it for now.

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