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Ravelympics Progress, among other things.

So the Ravelympics is well under way (and those other Olympics too). I’ve crossed the finish line with one of my projects, but I won’t put a pic here because they are a Christmas gift (even though I’m pretty sure the intended recipient doesn’t read my blog, but you never know!) And I’m about 3/4 of the way done with my second project (another gift!). Then I’ll just have three more gifts to knit, and then 4 wips to finish before the Olympics end! I’ll maybe finish one of my wips, but it’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that I won’t finish all 4. I’ll do my best, though!

I don’t enjoy the Summer Olympics as much as I do the Winter Olympics, but man, they are addicting! We’ve been staying up past midnight the last several nights watching the swimming and the gymnastics competitions. Man, am I tired!
We got an electronic drum set the other day. Rock Band did it. It gave me the drumming bug. I’m having a blast learning to play, though. Hubby has a new electric guitar (an early birthday present), so we’ve been learning a couple of songs that we could play together. Granted, he already knows how to play the guitar – but I’m a total newbie at the drums! I love the drum set – it has a ton of options for the drum sounds, and it even has a hand drum option that is perfect for the boys. You can never have too many instruments in the house, in my opinion! We even dug out my old trumpet, and William is learning how to make noise on that too. 🙂 Now we just need a violin, a xylophone, maybe a flute and a clarinet, and we’ll have all the instrument types represented! Overkill? Us? No way! It’s all homeschooling material – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I’ve really stalled on the Master Knitter program. All these things keep popping up that I “need” to knit instead! I’m determined to do more swatches once the Ravelympics is over, though. I was wanting to be finished by my birthday, but that’s come and gone now! Now my goal is to be done before the end of the year. That should be possible, if I have some resolve and don’t let the siren call of other pretty things to knit draw me in. It doesn’t help that I have this pretty sock yarn in a basket on my desk…..

On the Homeschooling front, William is almost done with his Kindergarten level Math and Phonics programs (I’m using Saxon Math and Saxon Phonics). He’ll be 5 in October, and he’ll be done with Kindergarten before all the public school kids even start school! I’m so proud of him – he’s reading 5 letter words now, and on the brink of reading independently. We started a Word Caterpillar on the wall several weeks ago, (with all the words he can read on circles to make a long caterpillar) and I’m running out of room on the wall!! There’s a good 80+ words up there now, and I have a stack of about 30 more that need to go up. I ordered a blank lined dictionary book/journal from Starfall (love that website!) and I think I’m going to have him write the words he knows in there instead of putting them on the wall from now on. (Maybe I’ll just put the bigger words that he’s reading on the Caterpillar). Right now he’s also learning about the Oceans, and Dinosaurs, and Ancient Greece/Olympics/Greek Myths. He loves school – and bugs me to get started every morning – which I’m very happy about.

Speaking of school – I have to get to it, so that’s it for now!

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