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First FO of 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season, no matter what holidays you celebrate!  We had a lovely holiday break.  I didn’t pick up the needles much over the break, since we were doing some home remodeling – changing our open floor plan laundry room into an enclosed laundry room/pantry.  As a consequence, I kind of lost my knitting mojo.  But I did start a hat just to have something new on the needles, and I finished it last week.

Pattern:  Nine Dwindling Cables by Yarn Owl
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in a green color (maybe Jade? not sure)
Needles: US 8 and US 1.5
Started: December 30, 2010
Finished: January 4, 2011

Modifications: none. 

It’s a pretty well written pattern (I would have liked charts for the dwindling cable section, but other than that, no complaints.)  There was an error in my download, but that has since been fixed.  It turned out quite large – I could have shortened it (the instructions include this option) and still have had a good-sized hat.  Not sure if I’ll wear this that much, but I think it does look cute on, even if it’s a bit large.

(Forgive the not-so-great mirror pictures!)

My knitting mojo is still suffering a bit, but I’m hoping that the project I just cast on last week will remedy that. 

(It just looks like a blob of yarn right now!)

I casted on a Maple Wing shawl using scrumptious Schaefer Audrey lace yarn.  The yarn is a single ply, but of gorgeous silk and merino – it’s so lovely to work with. 

(Can you see that sheen on the yarn? So soft and silky!)

This will be my first bottom up lace shawl, AND my first ‘pattern every row’ shawl, as well.  I had to cast on 600 stitches!  And the first 39 rows have no shaping decreases – that doesn’t start until row #40! (Makes for very long rows.)  But, I am enjoying it so far – I’m on Row 16 right now.  I can feel my mojo returning with each row – but we’ll see if the shawl can hold my interest through until it’s done, or if I’ll get bored with it and set it aside to start something else! 🙂

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