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2010: My Knitting Year in Review

Here’s a Mosaic of all my FOs of 2010:I would say the one I’m most proud of is my Ravelympics Autumn Rose sweater.  My two goals for 2010 were to only knit from my stash, and to finish my Level 2 Master Knitter submission.  Well, I almost met the first goal, and didn’t even come close to meeting my second!  Oh, well.

Here are my knitting goals for 2011 (not that I’ll meet them, but it’s always nice to have goals!):
1. Only knit from stash as much as possible.  But I give myself permission to buy yarn if there’s something I really want to knit and I don’t have sufficient or appropriate yarn to knit with.
2. Finish my Master Knitter Level 2 submission.  I really mean it this time.  Really.
3. Spin more.  I have lots of fiber that needs to get spun up.  Which will add to my stash that needs to be knit up. 😀
4. Blog more often.

None of those are un-reachable goals.  So I’ll do my best to reach them in 2011!

Happy Knitting, and Happy New Year to you all!  May 2011 be a great year!

2 thoughts on “2010: My Knitting Year in Review”

  1. Heather, do you have your stash already matched to patterns or project ideas? Or it is unassigned? Figuring out patterns that go with what you have might help you knit more from your stash.

    1. I have some of my stash matched up to specific projects, but the bulk of it is unassigned. I should go through more of it and find patterns for yarn – that would help quite a bit, I’m sure!

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