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WiP Wednesday

Well, I don’t have a finished sweater to show you after all.  But I do have the back and part of the left side:

Forgive the blurry picture - I was in a hurry.


I’ve been mostly working on a couple designs that I have going right now, so I haven’t worked on the sweater as much as I thought I would.  Plus, the weather has warmed up  so I’m not really feeling the sweater love as much.  Yes, I’m fickle like that.  Perhaps it will get done in the next month or two, or perhaps it will languish in my WiP pile until the weather starts to cool off again – in 6 months or so.  We’ll see.

I’ve also got a bit done on sock #2 of William’s new pair of socks:


I’ve been bringing it with me to baseball games and practices, so it’s coming along slowly but surely.  Hopefully he’ll have his new socks before he outgrows them.

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