So I have no Master Knitter stuff to show you this week.  I had a busy weekend – Sunday we drove to Goldsboro for the ‘Wings over Wayne’ airshow and we were gone ALL day.

Air Force Thunderbirds flight team

I did get some knitting done in the car, but not on my swatches (I like to do those in peace and quiet and at home so I can concentrate and take notes as I work).  I can’t show you what I worked on in the car because it’s a new design that I can’t show you yet. 🙂  Hopefully soon, but not just yet.

So, I do have the sweater that I’m working on, and I have the three pairs of socks that still need mates, and I have two designs I’m actively working on, and the shawl that’s sitting not being worked on, but…  I want to start something new.  What, I don’t quite know yet.  Perhaps these socks.  In pink and green. Maybe one of these Scotty hats.  Maybe a pair of gloves.  Decisions, decisions.  I just know that I want to start something new.

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  1. Hi Heather, I love those socks! They are unique, but I think you could go blind trying to knit them. That is one busy pattern. I still haven’t learned socks. I have the sock loom and I have books to learn to crochet socks, but haven’t tried either yet. I have 3 projects going all the time and that’s my limit.

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