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WiP Wednesday

I’ve been knitting away at all kinds of things, mostly Christmas presents, so I sadly can’t show you most of my WiPs or recent FOs.

Now that I finished up my sock pattern and published it (see here!), I have a new design on paper and on the needles – this time for a shawl.  But I also have a new sweater design kicking around in my head.  (My other sweater design is going to have to wait a little while – it’s quite complicated, so figuring out the sizes and grading and writing the pattern is going to be quite a challenge.)  I wish I had more time, or some clones or something, so I could work on more than one design at a time! 🙂

I few days ago finished a pair of socks for me:

I’m so glad they’re done, because they are so comfy!!  And now that the weather has started to get cooler I can actually wear them!

Pattern: William’s Socks Expanded by me!
Yarn: Crazy 4 Dyeing JollySock in color Ring of Fire
Needles: US 2
Started: March 8
Finished: October 22

I’ve also pulled out my two at a time socks to try to finish these:

I’m planning on adding afterthought heels to them once I’m done with the legs (hopefully I’ll have enough yarn to do the heels without having to do solid colored heels – I really want to get the ‘bullseye’ look that you get with an afterthought heel and self-striping yarn.)

And I’m rewarding myself for getting 1/2 of my Christmas knitting done (yay! just a few things left to knit!) by casting on today for a Linen Stitch scarf:

I bought the yarn and the pattern at the TKGA conference in Greensboro last month and am itching to start it, so it’ll be going on the needles tonight!

What’s on your needles this week?  Check out some other WiP Wednesday posts over at Tami’s Amis!

Happy Knitting!

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