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WiP Wednesday

So, I am now done with all my Christmas knitting!!  Woo Hoo!!  Now I just need to wrap everything.  I might decide to knit one more thing as a gift, but it shouldn’t take me very long if I do decide to knit it up.  We’ll see.  But all my planned gift knitting is done, so I’m very happy about that!

I pulled my Girl Friday sweater back out, and finished up the right side just the other day.  So instead of starting the sleeves I decided to seam up the sides and do the shawl collar next.  I read the directions wrong the first time and had to rip out the collar and start over yesterday.  But now it’s chugging along nicely.

(sorry for the crappy photo - it's rainy and dark here today!)

I think I’m going to do the shawl collar for a few more rows than the pattern calls for, since I want a really big and cozy collar on this sweater, and the shawl collar as written is a bit on the shallow side for my tastes.

The pattern is Girl Friday from the Fall ’09 Knitty, and the yarn is recycled from a previous sweater that I knit several years ago (very poorly!) – it’s Plymouth Yarn Silk Merino in brown.

On the spinning front, I finished up my green merino and already plied it (I went with my knit-night gang’s advice and did a 2-ply instead of navajo plying it) – I’ll show it to you guys on Friday.  It’s drying right now after it’s soak bath.  But, since I cleared that fiber off my bobbins, I dug out another batch of roving that I was in the middle of spinning – a merino/bamboo roving from Miss Babs – in a colorway called Rope Swing.  I love these colors – pale blues, pale green, creams, and browns.

(again, sorry for the crappy photo! The colors really don't show well in this one.)

So, that’s what I’m working on now!  I’m hoping to pull out my Master Knitter swatches now that the gift knitting is done, and I have a couple things I want to buckle down and design as well, so who knows what will be on my needles next week!  (Be sure to visit Tami’s Amis for more WiPs!)

(And thank you so much for all the kitty mojo last week – Harpo is hanging in there for the time being.)

Happy Knitting!

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  1. That Girl Friday sweater is going to be so beautiful! Good for you for getting Christmas gifts ready! (I’m just getting started and I’m getting nervous!) I’m glad Harpo is hanging in there.

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