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Bad Blogger!

So sorry to have not posted in so long, but I haven’t had much knitting-wise going on.   My knitting needles are in a bit of a funk.  I do have a couple of things on the needles, but I’m not excited about them for some reason.  And I finished a crochet afghan that I’ll show you (and in the process discovered that I really can’t stand long-term crochet projects!)

I’m hoping my knitting mojo will return soon, but until it does I’ll be reading.  Actually, I think my brain is telling me that it misses books and can I just put down the needles and pick up a book instead?  So maybe I should post what books I’m reading when I don’t have any knitting stuff to show you!  🙂  (I finished reading the ‘Game of Thrones’ books and I re-read the ‘Hunger Games’ series, and now I’m re-reading ‘The Magicians’ in anticipation of reading the new sequel to it.)

So, here are the socks I have on the needles (because I always have to have socks on the needles!):

These are what I am calling ‘Artist Mash-up’ socks.  I have leftover yarn from 3 different socks – and the yarn is all artist themed.  One is ‘Starry Night’ and one is ‘Gauguin’ and one is ‘Monet’.  So I’m spiraling the three together, and it’s actually turning out pretty well! (I was worried about the starry night in there – I knew the Monet and Gauguin would go together.)  The cuffs (and heels and toes, when I get there) are in some leftover ‘Velvet Plum’ Jitterbug that I had used on the Monet socks.

My nightingale socks are in hibernation, but the first one is almost done.

I have a lace shawl on the needles as well, of course.  This one is knit is sections and then joined together and the edging is knit last.

Not much to see yet!

Pattern: Elysium from Twist Collective Spring/Summer 2012
Yarn: Ella Rae Lace Merino

Starting the first section was a bear – maybe working with one circular instead of dpns would have helped – I may try using a circular for the second one and see if that makes a difference.

And here is my finished crocheted afghan:

Still needs to be blocked!!

This is a sock yarn scrap blanket I started who knows how long ago.  It’s essentially one big granny rectangle.   I was just adding a row here and there every time I finished some socks, but I finally decided I wanted the thing done, so I’ve been working on it consistently for the last month or two.  And I decided it was big enough (and I had suffered enough!), so  I stopped and added the edging.  It’s about a lapghan size – not too shabby.  I still have sock scraps galore left, though. o.O

So, that’s what I’ve been up to since I posted last!  I still really want to pick up the Master Knitter stuff again – maybe once I’ve satisfied my reading itch I’ll be ready to delve back into that.

Until next time, Happy Knitting (and reading!)

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    1. Oooh, thanks – I’ll check that article out!
      I love the show, too – the books are definitely better, you should give them a try! (They are quite long, though, and there’s 5 of them so far!)

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