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Still a bad blogger, evidently!

Wow, has it really been since May that I posted last??  I’ve still been reading, but I’ve slowly been picking up knitting steam.  I’d better have lots of steam ready for Friday, because I’m going to be participating in the Ravellenic Games!  I’m planning on doing a Venezia sweater, but with some modifications.  I’m going to do it as a cardigan, for one, and I’m modifying the armholes slightly, since the pattern as written has very straight armholes at the body, to account for the boatneck.  Since I’m doing a v-neck instead, I don’t want such a straight line on the body armholes.  I’m also going to attempt a mitered folded neckline/hem – knitted after the fact.  And I’m going to add horizontal inset pockets.  No buttonholes and buttons, because I have a double pair of frog clasps that I got at SAFF a couple of years ago that are going to be perfect for this!

Ravellenics sweater swatch

In other knitting news,  I finished the Elysium shawl the other week!

Pattern: Elysium from Spring/Summer 2012 Twist Collective
Yarn: Ella Rae Lace Merino in a blue color (I have no clue what the colorway name is!)
Needles: US 7
Hook: Size B 2.25mm
Started:  May 9, 2012
Finished: July 14, 2012

I knit the pattern as written, and did enjoy it – except for the fiddly start of each square.  I knitted the first square on dpns, and found it too uncomfortable, so I switched to a circular needle for the rest.  That resulted in the gauge being tighter on the first square, which blocking only accentuated.  Other than that I really like how it turned out!  It’s a shawl shape I haven’t made before – a very deep V, which lets it stay put on your shoulders very nicely.

Gracie can’t resist a blanket on the floor.

I whipped up something else since I last posted – this was a very quick and fun knit!


Pattern: TARDIS Kindle case
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Dusk and White
Needles: US 7
Started: June 1, 2012
Finished: June 5, 2012

I modified the pattern to fit the newer Kindle as follows:

I casted on 48 stitches, and made each panel section 8 rows high instead of 9.
Panel rounds were worked as follows:
K3, P8, K2, P8, K3, repeat around other side.
Window rows were worked as follows:
K3, K2 white, P1, K2 white, P1, K2 white, K2, K2 white, P1, K2 white, P1, K2 white, K3, repeat on other side.
On the purl row after windows, I worked the front side in stockinette for underneath turnover section.
I only did 4 rows stockinette for embroidery section instead of 5.
I bound off the front side stitches on the second purl row.
On the first knit row after the last purl row I decreased one stitch each side, front and back (4sts total).   I then did 6 rows stockinette for the turnover on top. Worked another purl row, while increasing one stitch each side, front and back (4sts total). Knit 4 rows stockinette, and then bound off in purl. sewed the flap down on the sides.
I then lined the inside with a cotton fabric after carefully blocking the case to the measurements of the Kindle.

Close up of printed signs

I used inkjet printer iron-on paper to print the police box and telephone panel signs – I just used Photoshop to type the signs up based on images of the signs I found online.  I then carefully ironed the signs on.  They seem to be staying on well for now.  My Kindle fits perfectly inside!

I’ll show you one last thing today – my current WiP – another pair of socks.  (My Nightingale socks are in hibernation for now, I seem to be having second sock syndrome with those!)

Working on heel flap now..

These are called Rattlesnake Creek socks, and I’m loving the yarn in combination with the cable pattern – one of those happy cases where I picked the right yarn for the pattern!  This yarn is from Black Trillium, it’s the Merilon Sock (merino/nylon) and the colorway is called Galen – it’s a lovely manly blend of greys and dusty blues.  I’m enjoying the pattern very much so far.

I do have some spinning to show you, too, but I’ll save that for in a couple of days – and I’ll do my best to keep you updated on my progress through the Ravellenic Games!

Happy Knitting!!

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  1. Oh my, so much yarny goodness!! Your swatch is looking great and I’m very jealous of your very neat colourwork – looking forward to see the whole sweater during the Games.

    Also, that Tardis case is awesome!!!! I don’t have a Kindle but I’m adding it to my favourites, it’s simply brilliant. Thanks for sharing!

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