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Ravellenic Games Update #4

I’m past the waist decreases, and almost done with the waist increases!  And about to start the v-neck shaping, too!

Day 6 progress
End of day 6

Knit Night was last night, and I didn’t get much knitting done – it’s hard to participate in conversation and knit complicated fair isle at the same time.  I only got about a couple of rows done while at knit night, but was able to get about 8 more rows done later while watching the ladies gymnastics (yay Gabby!!)

Day 7 progress
End of day 7

I’ve let the boys have a light school day today, and I watched episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs while knitting for a good bit – so I’m hoping to make up for my slow progress yesterday.  And I have a wine tasting party to go to tomorrow night, so I’ll have to try to make up for that as well!  (Mmmm, wine….)

It’s taking shape – maybe I’ll be able to make the finish line after all…

Happy Knitting!  And I can’t wait to watch track and field events tonight! Go Team USA!

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