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FO: Venezia Cardigan (and Forethought Pocket walkthrough!)

Here she is, all done!!

Finished Cardigan

Pattern: Venezia Pullover by Eunny Jang (with major modifications, see below)
Needles: US 2.5, US2, US1.5
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette in colors Cyan, Caribbean, Grizzly Heather, Bark, Bison
Size: the 39.75 size (I knew I wanted a loose fit)
Started: July 27, 2012 (during Olympic Opening Ceremonies)
Finished: Main body finished 8/12 during Closing Ceremonies, finishing work all done by 8/18
Modifications: Lots!! The basic big changes were that I converted it to a v-neck cardigan, altered the armhole shaping, and added pockets.

Here’s what I did, step by step:

  1.  I started with a provisional cast on for the bottom hem (I knew I wanted to do the hem and neckband all at the same time), and I started knitting at the chart directions.
  2. I added about an inch to the bottom – which entailed figuring out where to start on the chart to keep me lined up with the pattern notes (I ended up starting on Row 1 of the chart.)
  3. I added a center front steek for the v-neck cardigan.  I eliminated the center front stitch, and added 10 stitches for my center steek.
  4. After about 5 inches, I added placeholder stitches for pockets: pockets were placed at 18 stitches from center front, and were 28 stitches wide. (You simply switch to waste yarn and knit the stitches where you want your pocket with the waste yarn.  Then slip those stitches back to your working needle and knit the piece as usual with your working yarn.  You now have a section of stitches that will be easy to pick up afterwards!)

    Placeholder thread
    Placeholder stitches for pocket
  5. I began the v-neck shaping at around 13.5 inches from bottom. (Decrease one stitch each side of v-neck every 3rd row 15x, then every 4th row 10x.)
  6. I worked both sleeves in round separate, and then joined them to the body at the beginning of the armhole (to avoid steeks and seams on the sleeves and the body.)
    8/9 progress
  7. The armhole shaping on the sleeves and the body was altered to make it less bulky than the original pattern on the body side.  Armhole shaping was as follows: put center 21 stitches each underarm (body and sleeves) on waste yarn. Then 1 stitch decreases each side (sleeve and body) every row 6x, then every other row 6x, then every 4th row 3x. Work body straight, but work one more decrease every 4th row on sleeves. Then work decreases on sleeves every other row 5x, and every row 8x. Then 2 double decrease rows on sleeves – (back and forth) while steeking the remaining body rows.

    Top of sleeve cap - steeks on top of shoulder
    Steeks on top of shoulder – top of sleeve is bound off.
  8.  I bound off the shoulder stitches and seamed them – I wanted a sturdy shoulder seam.  Then the top of the sleeve cap was seamed to the shoulder.
  9. The neckline and hem were picked up all the way around.  I used a size 1.5 needle at the neckline and front, and a size 2 needle on the hem,  and I picked up pretty much every stitch on the front and neckline. I then switched to a size 2 needle for the whole thing after the first row. I mitered the bottom corners (increase one on each side of center 2 stitches of corner – every row) and at the back neck (only decreased once at each neck side and only every other row) and placed random increases every other row at the point of v-neck to make the v-neck pivot out. Then after I knitted about 10 rows, I reversed the process to get the foldover hem – decreasing at bottom corner miters and v-neck, and increasing at back neck pivots.

    Inside V-neck top
    Top of V-neck from (inside)
  10. The pockets were knitted: I picked up 28 stitches above the placeholder and knitted about an inch, then put these stitches on placeholder yarn.
    Picking up pocket stitches
    Picking up stitches above and below placeholder stitches
    Knitting top inside portion
    Knitting the top inside portion

    I picked up 28 stitches below the placeholder and knitted 15 rows for turnover hem – and knitted it together with the first row.

    Starting to knit front hem and inside of pocket
    Knitting the hem
    Top hem is sewn down
    Top hem is sewn down

    Top pocket hem

    Then I continued knitting the rest of pocket lining flat (65 rows – about 6.5 inches) and grafted the end to the top flap I did previously.
    Pocket flap

    grafting inside pocket
    Grafting the inside of pocket together

    Then I seamed the sides of the pocket and sewed down the hem.
    Side pocket seam

    Pocket from inside

    Pocket from front
    Finished pocket from front
  11. I then wove in all the ends (mostly on the sleeves) and blocked the sweater before sewing down the foldover neckline/hem.  And lastly I sewed on the clasps and duplicated stitched my name on the inside hem.  I plan on duplicate stitching ‘Olympics 2012’ as well, but haven’t gotten around to that yet. 🙂
Bottom mitered corner
Bottom mitered corner (inside)
One side of clasps
Clasps on one side

Now I can’t wait for the cooler weather to get here so I can wear it!!

Finished Cardigan

Happy Knitting!!


Ravellenic Games – The End!

So, the Olympic Games came to a close last night – and so did the Ravellenic Games!  The Olympics were fantastic, and I will have so many good memories from these games!

I barely squeaked by the finish line with my sweater:

Finish line Photo!

It still needs some finishing touches, though, so it’s not technically ‘finished’, but I figured it was finished enough to cross the finish line with it!

It still needs the ends woven in (just on the sleeves mostly – the front band steek hides all the other ends!)  The hem needs sewn down (I’ll show you a detailed shot of that once I do it – I knitted a mitered foldover band/hem that will completely enclose the steek in the front!), and the pockets need to be knitted (I’ll show you that too when I do them – afterthought pockets!!), and the clasps need to be attached.  Gee, that’s an awful lot more that needs to be done!  I think I’ll use the Paralympic Games as my ‘finishing’ time. 🙂

I’ll post more details about my modifications later, once it’s all the way done, but here’s some of the details of the pattern:

Pattern: Venezia Pullover by Eunny Jang (modified to be a v-neck cardigan)
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette in 5 colors (Cyan, Carribean, Grizzly Heather, Bark, Bison)
Needles: US2.5, US2, US1.5
Started: July 27th during Opening Ceremonies
Finished: (not really finished, but crossed the finish line) August 12th 10:30pm (right before the Cauldron was extinguished on US tv!)

Logged about 120 hours over the 17 days!  Whew!

I think my gauge was much looser on the sleeves and the top part of the sweater, so I’m worried about the fit in the bottom half.  I’m hoping blocking takes care of it, without making the top half way too big!!  Also, I’m not thrilled with the sleeve caps, but again, I hope blocking it smooths the seam there.

I’ll be working on finishing her up over the next week, so I’ll post more updates as I do.  I’m also planning on pulling my Master Knitter Level 2 swatches back out and working on those, so I’ll do my best to update you all on that as well. 🙂

Happy Knitting!


Ravellenic Games Update #6

I started the right sleeve yesterday!

Day 12 progress
Yesterday’s progress

Remember yesterday when I showed you that I did my v-neck decreases the wrong way?Well, I caved and went ahead and fixed the v-neck decreases.  I didn’t account for the stickiness of the wool yarn, which made it much easier to accomplish that I was expecting!  It only took me about a half-hour to do, all told.  And now I am much happier. 😀

Close up of v-neck
The v-neck with the wrong decreases! Can you see the decrease lines? They should not be leaning away from the center!
Fixing one side
Starting to fix the right side of the cardigan. The stitch markers are holding the live stitches from each decrease row.
Mid -fix. I’m using the crochet hook to pull up each stitch, row by row.
Left is fixed, right is still wrong
Right side is fixed (on the left in pictures) and left is still ‘wrong’.
Fixing second side
Fixing left side…
Both sides fixed!
Both sides are fixed! Can you tell a difference between this and the first picture I showed you? Well, even if you can’t, I can breathe easier knowing it’s ‘right’ now! 😀

So now I’m chugging away on the right sleeve – hopefully I can finish it today and join both sleeves to the body!

Happy Knitting!!


Ravellenic Games Update #5

So, I’ve made a bit of progress since the last post – not as much as I’d like, but we’re getting there!

Day 8:

Day 8 progress

Day 9 (a whopping 2 rows!):

Day 9 progress
But I had a lovely evening with some girlfriends and wine, so I’m okay with the lack of progress!

Day 10 (started the left sleeve!):

Day 10 progress
One cuff is done!

Day 11:

Day 11 progress
We have most of a left sleeve!!

I have a dilemma now, however. I just realized that I’ve been doing the v-neck decreases incorrectly (they should have been worked the opposite of how I actually worked them!) I’m not sure what to do.

Close up of v-neck
Close up of v-neck area

I should have worked them so that the last stitch hides behind the decrease – and the pattern is not interrupted.  As worked the decrease line is obvious.  😦
(It should have been k2tog on the left and ssk on the right, but I worked ssk on the left and k2tog on the right!)

Here are my choices:
1. Leave it alone and a) Continue to work the decreases incorrectly. It’s a design feature! or b) Work the decreases correctly from now on, but risk attention being drawn to the mistake.
2. Rip back to the start of the decreases and work them correctly. (Ripping back would set me back about 2 days worth of work!) NOT going to happen.  If I wasn’t aiming for a deadline I just might do this.
3. Drop the columns of stitches down and fix the mistakes. I figure this will take a few hours to do.  And the fact that it’s 2-color fair isle will make it a bear to do.  If it was plain one-color stockinette, I’d do this in a heartbeat!

I’m heavily leaning in the direction of #3, simply because I hate the fact that there’s a mistake like this, and right at the neckline, too. But maybe my perfectionism needs to be squashed in this instance. I’m really not sure!

What do you guys think?

I’m going to finish my first sleeve (hopefully today) and start the second sleeve, so I have a little while to decide what I want to do about it.

Happy Knitting!  (and may you learn from my mistake!!)


Ravellenic Games Update #4

I’m past the waist decreases, and almost done with the waist increases!  And about to start the v-neck shaping, too!

Day 6 progress
End of day 6

Knit Night was last night, and I didn’t get much knitting done – it’s hard to participate in conversation and knit complicated fair isle at the same time.  I only got about a couple of rows done while at knit night, but was able to get about 8 more rows done later while watching the ladies gymnastics (yay Gabby!!)

Day 7 progress
End of day 7

I’ve let the boys have a light school day today, and I watched episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs while knitting for a good bit – so I’m hoping to make up for my slow progress yesterday.  And I have a wine tasting party to go to tomorrow night, so I’ll have to try to make up for that as well!  (Mmmm, wine….)

It’s taking shape – maybe I’ll be able to make the finish line after all…

Happy Knitting!  And I can’t wait to watch track and field events tonight! Go Team USA!