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Ravellenic Games Update #2

I’ve been chugging away at my sweater.  As of last night I am 49 rows into the pattern.  Whew!  I’m still not sure I’m working fast enough to finish in time, but I’m doing my best, and that’s all that counts, right?

Day 3 progress:

End of day 3 (7/29/12)

Day 4 progress:

Day 4 progress (7/30/12)

I’ve placed the scrap yarn for the pockets (the lighter colored yarn on each side of center steek) and I’m almost done with the waist decreases.

I realized that I don’t have a circular needle long enough to do the neckline/hem when it comes time to do that, so I’ve ordered a new needle – hopefully it’ll get here before I actually need it! And I’m thinking I need to re-do my armhole calculations, because I’m not sure I did them correctly, so I’ll take another look at those today – shouldn’t be getting to the armholes for at least several more days, so it’s not an immediate problem.

I might be able to start the v-neck shaping in the next couple of days!

For today I’m cooking some British food (a Cumberland Pie with Yorkshire Pudding) to take a little break from all the knitting I’ve been doing, but I can’t take too much of a break! 🙂

Happy Knitting, and Go Go Go Team USA!

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  1. Sorry! I’m reading your updates in reverse order.
    I too am working on a sweater for Ravellenics and I am running out of yarn, so have ordered several more skeins online in the hope that if I can finish it in time, my sweater will have 2 sleeves, not one. So I definitely feel your pain!!!!

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