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Ravellenic Games Update #1

So, at around 6pm on July 27th (after the Opening Ceremonies had started), I casted on for my Olympic Venezia Cardigan!

All ready to cast on!

Then, while watching the (non-live! boo NBC!) Opening Ceremonies that evening, I got a bit done:

Opening Ceremonies progress…

I enjoyed the ceremonies, but was a tad bit disappointed. I loved the forging of the rings, and the lighting of the cauldron – but I think Rowan Atkinson stole the show (at least he did for my boys – they were laughing up a storm!)

So after the first night here is where I was:

Day one progress.

Then I got a bit done yesterday and last night – we watched the cycling events and swimming and volleyball. Very shocking that Phelps didn’t make the podium, but hopefully he can do better at the next events!

Here’s where I stopped late last night:

Day 2 progress.

In comparing my progress from my 2010 sweater, it looks like I’m running on par or maybe a bit ahead of where I was back then on day 2:

Ravelympics 2010 - Day 2
Autumn Rose 2010 Ravellenic Games sweater – day 2 progress.

but I’m still very nervous about finishing in time, especially considering all the modifications I’m making to this sweater! The neckline/hem alone is going to take quite a bit of time to work, so I need to be sure I leave plenty of time to do that at the end!

I’ll be sure to keep you posted throughout the Games!

Happy Knitting, and GO TEAM USA!

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