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Ravellenic Games Update #6

I started the right sleeve yesterday!

Day 12 progress
Yesterday’s progress

Remember yesterday when I showed you that I did my v-neck decreases the wrong way?Well, I caved and went ahead and fixed the v-neck decreases.  I didn’t account for the stickiness of the wool yarn, which made it much easier to accomplish that I was expecting!  It only took me about a half-hour to do, all told.  And now I am much happier. 😀

Close up of v-neck
The v-neck with the wrong decreases! Can you see the decrease lines? They should not be leaning away from the center!
Fixing one side
Starting to fix the right side of the cardigan. The stitch markers are holding the live stitches from each decrease row.
Mid -fix. I’m using the crochet hook to pull up each stitch, row by row.
Left is fixed, right is still wrong
Right side is fixed (on the left in pictures) and left is still ‘wrong’.
Fixing second side
Fixing left side…
Both sides fixed!
Both sides are fixed! Can you tell a difference between this and the first picture I showed you? Well, even if you can’t, I can breathe easier knowing it’s ‘right’ now! 😀

So now I’m chugging away on the right sleeve – hopefully I can finish it today and join both sleeves to the body!

Happy Knitting!!

7 thoughts on “Ravellenic Games Update #6”

  1. Wow, a lovely project (I love your colours)! I can totally understand why you fixed it. I usually give in to that impulse, too and am much happier when I did so.

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