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Masters Monday

Guess what I got in the mailbox last week?  That’s right – my Master Knitter notebook!!!  Yay!!  I let out a squeal when I saw it on my porch Wednesday afternoon. 🙂

Overall I did very well, but I do have some resubmits to do in order to pass.

I’ve already started on the resubmits, of course. 🙂

I didn’t include the ‘figure 8’ start for seaming in my directions on the seaming swatches, so I need to include that on  my page for swatch #1.  I need to re-seam swatch #2 (the reverse stockinette seam) because I didn’t use the selvedge stitch on the one side of my seam – I used the 2nd stitch in – oops!

MK Lvl 2 Swatch #2
Swatch as originally sent in
Swatch #2 re-seamed

Swatches 6 and 7 need to be re-seamed as well – with 6 I didn’t maintain the ratio in the center, and I needed to place the seam one row higher on the horizontal piece to reduce the bulk.

MK Lvl 2 Swatch #6
Swatch #6 as originally sent in
Swatch #6 re-seamed

With swatch 7 I did the seam correctly, but didn’t follow the directions I had written (I also tagged the wrong corner, which I think is what made my directions wrong.) Easy enough to rip out the seams and do them over!

Swatch #7 re-seamed

My lace and cable swatches were all accepted, but my swatch #14 (Starlight Lace) needs to be re-blocked to open up the lace more, and I needed to make some improvements to the pattern and recalculate the gauge with the re-blocked swatch.  (Although I do think the lace swatch must have shrunk during the review time – because my picture of it when I sent it in was much more open than the swatch I got back.  One of the hazards of the process, I suppose.)

Swatch #14 re-blocked

Also, two of my cable patterns need to be rewritten to make improvements to the pattern and to write up the correct multiple for the cables. (I confused ‘panel’ with ‘multiple’.  oops)

Here, my cable swatch was accepted, but they did make note of some enlarged knit stitches on the left. You have to take special care with those knits before purls in cables!!

Swatch #19 (K1P1 rib with buttonholes) needs to be redone (I figured this one would – I couldn’t get it to look good to save me.)  Also, the directions need to be clarified.

New swatch #19 next to old one. I am very embarrassed that I sent such a crappy looking swatch in!

And the other two buttonhole swatches (#20 and 21) need their directions clarified, but the swatches were accepted.  I don’t like how they look though, so I’m redoing them anyway and will  include both swatches with my resubmit.  I am working on those today.

My swatch #24 – the inset pocket – needs to be redone.  It looks good, but I did not follow the directions!  Somehow I worked the pocket backwards!  I think I picked up the first pocket row from the wrong side instead of the right side, and that made everything backwards.  Oops.

New pocket swatch #24 – I followed the directions this time! I may do it over one more time – I’m not sure i like the look of the fabric I’m getting.

All my written work was accepted, and all my projects were accepted too.  They really liked my argyle sock, which made me very happy. 🙂

My wristlet was accepted, but they did note many places where my tail weaves showed through to the front of the work.  oops.


Overall I am very happy with how I did – the number of resubmits is really very small.  I should have the last couple things done in a few days and be able to mail it back out by the end of the week!

Happy Knitting!!

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