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Master Knitting Monday and Tour de Fleece progress

I’m participating (or trying to anyway!) in the Tour de Fleece this year.  I’m on Team Nevermore through Three Ravens Yarn.  I was able to finish plying up some pretty sunset colored yarn that had been sitting on my bobbins, and I started on some grey/green/rust/mauve merino/silk roving.
TdF Day One (6/29/13)

But I’ve stalled due to an injured tailbone (I went roller skating with the boys, and fell down hard twice right on my tailbone! ouch!!)

TdF Day 2 (6/30/13)

So, I’m not sure how much spinning I’ll get until it starts to heal up a bit more and not hurt so badly while sitting for extended periods.  🙁

I did get my hat brim done, and blocked it:

Brim blocking
Hat brim all done!
Brim blocking
Close up of Braid Cable.

Which freed up my needles so I could do some swatching. I had to make changes to my pattern that I had planned out, since the rows I ended up with on the brim influence how many stitches I’ll have to pick up around, so I had to do some major re-charting before I could start swatching. But I think I have a pretty neat design so far:

Hat swatch.
One-third width swatch of partial base and crown.

If the brim is dry today I’ll probably go ahead and start knitting the body of the hat. I’m really excited!!  Maybe I’ll have a finished hat to show you soon!

Happy Knitting!

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