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Update and TKGA wrap Up

I have been woefully lax in updating you all here – but I’ve been plugging away at my sweater design, and we went to Disney for 9 days a couple weeks ago, so no knitting was done at all for a while there!


The TKGA Fall Conference was a couple of weekends ago, and I was there from Wednesday through Sunday (it was held in my town, so there was no excuse to miss it!)  I took several classes as well as participating in ‘On Your Way to the Masters’ Day.  Several of my swatches were looked at – and I got great feedback on them!  I really need to redo my smocking stitch swatch, and my duplicate stitch swatch needs some fixing as well.  But my other swatches were given the thumbs up, and my hat was admired by many folks! 🙂

I took a freeform Knit and Crochet class – that was fun!

My Freeform knit/crochet bag in progress

And I took a set in sleeve class with Margaret Fisher – a very good class – I learned a good bit, and we made a mini set in sleeve cap.

Mini sleeve cap and shoulder. Isn’t it cute?

I also took an all day Shetland Lace class with Leslie Gonzales – excellent class!  I’m almost done with my Shetland lace sampler, so once it’s done and blocked I’ll post about it here – I learned so much!

Our local Guild had a table on the shopping floor as well, and we got a lot of interested folks stopping by, which was awesome!

I’ve scrapped my previous idea for my sweater (or it’s been put on the back burner – I’m sure I’ll come back to the idea at some later point, but not for this sweater!) and I’ve latched onto a new idea.  I’m very excited about it, and have a chart made up (finally – I lost 3 hours worth of work on it the other day when I didn’t save my file and the program crashed! Oops! o.O)  Swatching has started, but I’m thinking I need a few different colors than I have on hand, so I’ll order some more yarn here in the next couple of days.  I’m plowing ahead with the colors I have to see what color progression I like the best, though.

I redid the Bavarian swatch, and need to block it still, so I’ll show that to you soon.  And I should have a redone Smocking Stitch swatch here soon to show you as well!

So, not really many pictures to show you today, but I should have some to show you soon!

Happy Knitting!

2 thoughts on “Update and TKGA wrap Up”

  1. Can’t wait to see some of your ML3 work. I’m stalled on the first swatches in level 2 since ‘finishing’ is not my favorite thing to do. Sweet family picture! We also went to Disney in October several times ( a perk of homeschooling – vacationing when others are not). Happy knitting!

    1. Level 2 was a bear, with all the finishing work – but keep at it!! Check out some of my prior MK posts, I have most of the Level 3 swatches posted already! We love doing Disney in the fall when the crowds are low – definitely one of the perks of homeschooling we enjoy!

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