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It’s in the mail!

So, I dropped my Master Knitter Level 3 box in the mail yesterday!!  Now begins the weeks of worrying and waiting to get it back.  I’ve already started worrying – the post office only had a 12x12x5 box for me to use, so I had to squish the sweater and binder down to get the box to close.  I woke up this morning in a cold sweat wishing I had taken the time to go to a different post office or swung by a store to get a bigger box.  I’m worried the swatches and the hat and sweater will be squished flat and nothing will pass because of it. 🙁  Oh well, it’s too late now.

Anyhow, here are some pictures of my finished sweater!!

'Bidding Spring Arise' cardigan

'Bidding Spring Arise' cardigan

'Bidding Spring Arise' cardigan

There are lots more photos over in my Flickr set, if you want to take a gander.

We got some better photos of me wearing my hat as well:

Master Knitter Level 3 Aran hat

Master Knitter Level 3 Aran hat

And here it all is ready to get boxed (and squished!) up:

Master Knitter Level 3 submission

Now begins the nervous weeks of waiting.    …I really should have found a bigger box….

2 thoughts on “It’s in the mail!”

  1. Beautiful sweater and hat, Heather. I’m so proud of you. You will be the next Master Knitter before you know it!!

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