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Patiently Waiting

I’m patiently waiting for my level 3 box (or trying to).  It won’t come back to me for another 8 weeks or so now, at least.  I hope it made its way safely to the first committee member!

I’m doing a few things to keep busy – I’m spinning up some Jacob wool I had gotten from SAFF a year or two ago.  It was prepped with a gradient from cream to brown, so I’m spinning it to keep the gradient.  I’ll try to post some pictures of it next week.

I’m finishing up my one row scarf – it’s almost done – I should have it finished by next week.

I’ve also started a circular lace shawl, with some sky blue Knit Picks Shadow tonal yarn – I’ll get pictures of it next week as well.  (Sorry I have not many pictures to show you today!!  I guess I’ve been lazy in the picture department.) 🙂

I’ve finished up a pattern I had been working on (it had been on the back burner for a good while now, since the Master Knitter work was taking priority).  I just need to knit the second sock (in a lighter color to show the details better) and proof/tech-edit the pattern.  Hopefully I’ll be able to release it soon.

New sock pattern in progress

I’m very happy that Spring is (trying) to make its presence known.  It’s been really cold the last few days, though.  My crocuses and daffodils are all up and blooming – that makes me happy – I love the colors of crocuses.


I promise to have more things (and pictures) to show you next week!
Until then, Happy Knitting!

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  1. I forgot how much I f-ing LOVE that coffee mug! Everything you’re working on is stunning, just like you.

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