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TKGA Day one recap

I’m in New Hampshire for the TKGA conference.  I’m so excited to be here! I flew in and am rooming with a friend, which is so nice!

Yesterday was On Your Way to the Masters day, where Masters hopefuls and folks interested can have a chance to find out about the program, have their swatches looked at, and ask questions of the committee. This was my third Masters Day, and I got just as much out of it this time around as I have at the other two. I was able to sit in at all three of the swatch review sessions and get an idea of what to be looking for now that I’m on the committee! 🙂

I had lunch and dinner with my fellow committee members (that still seems so surreal to me!!), and it was wonderful having a chance to get to know them a little better.  I’m hoping to have even more of those chances over the next few days – they are a fantastic group of people.

So, that’s what I was up to yesterday!  Today I have one class in the morning, and then the marketplace opens for a preview tonight.  I’m sure my suitcase will arrive home heavier than it left.  😉 (and my wallet emptier!)

I’m taking pictures with my camera (when I remember to!), so stay tuned at the end of the trip for some of those when I get home.  (The yarnbombing here at the conference center is awesome!!)

I hope to pop in again tomorrow for another quick update! Until then, Happy Knitting!!

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