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TKGA day two recap

Wow, have I only been here two days? It seems like so much longer than that (in the best way possible!) – so many experiences crammed into those couple of days!

Yesterday I had a morning class- Spinning for Lace with Galina Khmeleva.  It was awesome!  Then I had the afternoon off – so I walked to a local deli for lunch, and then after that walked to a cupcake shop with my roommate (and we each bought two cupcakes – one for right then and one for later!) The shop was Queen City Cupcakes, which we thought was interesting, since we live in the Queen City! 🙂  (I guess Manchester must be known as the Queen City as well?) The cupcakes were divine.

I spent the afternoon pleasantly knitting and chatting in the Serenity Lounge – it was very serene. 🙂

My roommate and I had dinner at a nearby Irish pub, and then we shopped in the marketplace preview (I fell down hard at the RedFish Dyeworks booth!! (Pictures will be forthcoming when I get home!)

I’m super excited about today and tonight – I have an all day class and then tonight is the banquet!! 😀

Happy knitting!!

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  1. Sounds delightful! I’m glad it isn’t all GO GO GO and you’re having some time to actually relax and soak everything in!

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