Upcoming Retreat

Hello again!  (Look at that – I’m posting a second time in January!)  🙂

I can announce my first teaching appearance this year – Fiber Frolic Spring 2016.  Here is the post about the classes I will be teaching.  Keep an eye on the Fiber Frolic website – registration should open up in a day or two.  If you are interested in attending the Frolic, I would recommend getting your hotel accommodations lined up asap!

I’m very excited to be joining the Frolic this year – and super excited to be teaching!  It should be loads of fun!

On the designing front, I finished my second design that is due the end of January (yay for meeting a deadline early!), and am SO close to finishing my third (and last of this batch).  This last one really needs to be mailed out in a few days – so I need to finish it by tonight so I have time to block it before mailing it off!  eek!  And despite saying I wouldn’t respond to any more submission calls for a couple of months – there are two that just popped up that I can’t help rolling ideas around for in my head.  So, I may have no resolve on that front, we’ll see. 😀  I always tell myself – ‘The odds of them getting accepted are slim!’ and submit anyway – and then they aren’t rejected like I think they will be!  I guess that’s not something I should be complaining about, huh?

Anyhoo!  I’m off to frantically knit and finish this current design!  Keep your eyes peeled for the Frolic registration to open up, and I hope to see you all there in March!

Happy Knitting!

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