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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hi all!

I have a few things to share with you today!

First up – I have a newly released pattern to share with you – my May Day Flower Socks are now available as a pdf download.  These were published last year in Cast On magazine, and now it’s available individually.  I really enjoyed designing these socks – I hope you enjoy knitting them!


Second – I’m happy to report that I will be an instructor at the TKGA conference this year!  The conference will be held in Charleston, SC –  July 13-16.  I’ll be helping out on Master’s Day on Wednesday, and teaching several classes throughout the conference as well.  I’m very excited!  I hope to see you there!  Stay tuned here for more details – registration should open up early March.

Also – registration is still going strong for the Carolina Fiber Frolic!  And there is still space in my classes at the retreat!  It should be a whole lot of fun!  March 18-20 in Sapphire, NC.  I can’t wait!!

I’ve still been super busy lately.   I finished all my deadline knitting for designs that will come out in the summer, but now I’m busy prepping all my classes for March and July!  I did go ahead and submit ideas to a couple of design calls, and I should find out about those soon.

Finally – I have some actual knitting I can share with you today – how wonderful is that?  It’s been pretty cold here lately, and I have a favorite pair of mittens that I made several years ago.  I wear them a lot when it’s cold enough.  BUT, the cuffs have always bothered me – they are not fitted and cold air sneaks up the cuffs, which is no fun.  So, I decided to fix it.  Luckily I still have some of the cream-colored yarn I used to knit the mittens with.


I picked up stitches on the inside at the base of the cuff, and knit a couple of rounds plain, then did a couple of decrease rounds.  (Plus I’m using smaller needles than I used to knit the body of the mittens).  Then I worked 1×1 rib for about an inch or so.  Voila!  Fitted cuffs that will keep out the chill!  Looks maybe a bit funny with the original cuff still there, but I don’t care.  I could have cut the original cuff out, but I’m going to leave it as it is.


I also could have simply picked up stitches from the cast on edge, but I didn’t really want to do that either – I wanted the fitted cuff higher up than it would have been that way.

So – repairs made, I am now ready for the ice and sleet we’re supposed to get overnight here!




So, that’s it from me today!  I hope you have a lovely day, however you celebrate – or not.  My husband and I don’t really do much on Valentine’s day – I could say something cheesy like ‘we celebrate our love every day’, but I’ll refrain. 😉  Really though, we try to do something special on our ‘first date’ anniversary instead – which falls later in the year.  Cheaper cards and flowers and candies that way. 😉

Happy Knitting!!

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