ChiaoGoo Mini Needles – Unboxing

I adore the ChiaoGoo Twist interchangeable needles set.  They are currently my go-to needles for just about every project.  When I heard they were coming out with a mini set (small needle gauges) I was super excited!  The majority of my knitting is on small gauge projects (size 4 and smaller).  And I knit a lot of socks.  So, I got on the waiting list to get them, and they arrived last week!

Here they are in their packaging:
New Twist Minis!

The Mini set in its zip pouch, which is designed to slip inside your current interchangeable case (brilliant!):

Zip bag with everything inside

Here are the tips in their sleeve, they are 5″ tips:

Tips in their sleeve

The size 000 and 00 needles are labeled on the needle with just dots – three dots for 000, two for 00.  The size 0,  1 and 1.5 are labeled on the needle as usual.



Cute accessories case:

Accessories case

Comes with heart rubber grippy thing, two mini end stoppers, a couple tightening keys (the standard keys that come with the regular set are too large for this set), stitch markers and 2 mini connectors.

Accessories case.

I have yet to actually use them, but I did pull them out and fit a few of the needles to some of the cables to see how they were.  The screw threads seemed a bit tight or uneven on a couple – it was not easy to join the tip to the cable and it took more elbow grease than on my larger set.  I think that’s just the tiny gauge and will get better with use. They did all end up joining well, and the join is super smooth with no ridge or gap at the join.

I can’t wait to get a project on these needles!  I will keep you posted once I actually use them.

I ordered mine from Handsome Fibers (Love them!  Highly recommend the shop!) at a cost of $85 for the set.

Until next time,

Happy Knitting!

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    1. Hi! I like them a good bit! I find that I don’t use them all that often – I tend to use the size 2+ ones more. But when I do use them I love them! The cable is super flexible, which is really nice.

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