Who’s ready for Rhinebeck?

Registration for Rhinebeck (NY Sheep and Wool Festival) begins this Saturday! Do you have your classes picked out?

They are doing a staggered registration process to try to mitigate any website issues – so Saturday at 12:01am you can register for Thursday classes, Sunday at 12:01am you can register for Friday classes, and so on.

I am teaching four classes at Rhinebeck this year (my first year attending – I am SO EXCITED!) and I thought maybe you’d like a little more info on each of these classes so you can decide if you’d like to take one. 🙂

For all of my classes, I like to provide robust handouts so that you have something to take away with you to jog your memory after the class is over. I use a projector and camera so everyone can see my hands, and I walk around to everyone to show techniques up close. I try to target the multiple ways in which people learn, so that everyone can understand the techniques I am teaching. My classes are all about you, and adding tools to your knitter’s toolbox!

Thursday I am teaching Double Knitting in the a.m. This is a fun class where we learn the basics of double knitting while making a trivet/pad. I provide several patterns/designs for you to choose from – one of the most popular choices is the sheep (it’s so cute):

In the afternoon I am teaching Mosaic Knitting. This is a super fun color technique, and I provide you with several patterns/designs for a dishcloth to make while learning the technique.

On Friday morning, I am teaching my ever popular ‘A Sampling of Short Rows’ class. This class sells out whenever I teach it! We don’t really go over the absolute basics of short rows, instead we go over a whole bunch of ways in which you can make short rows — and the pros and cons of each method (because they all have pros and cons!) We also cover how to substitute one for another. We don’t make a project here, but work on a swatch to try out the techniques. It’s a great learning class!

Then Friday afternoon I am teaching Estonian Decorative Stitches. In this class we make a small lace rectangle that you can easily continue knitting to make a scarf. We will learn several stitches and techniques that are unique to Estonian lace, and that can show up in lots of modern lace patterns. I’ll show you several ways to make nupps and star stitches, so that you can find a method that works best for you.

I hope to see you at one of these classes this fall! Or on Saturday, when I will be soaking in the NY Sheep and Wool experience! <3

(I’m currently in Cleveland at TNNA, so stay tuned for a post recapping my experience here!)

Until next time, Happy Knitting!!!


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