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Master Knitter Monday

I’m starting something I’m calling Master Knitter Monday today! I’ll share tidbits about my MHK journey, knitting tips and tricks, info about what makes a Master Knitter, and more!

What is a Master Hand Knitter? A Master Knitter is someone who has completed all three levels of the TKGA Master Hand Knitter certification program. (BTW, there are no “level 1 Master Knitters,” you are not a MHK until you complete all three levels and earned your pin.) The levels all have swatches to complete that demonstrate different techniques, research reports to write, book/magazine reviews to write, patterns to write, questions to answer, and projects to complete. The levels increase in difficulty and work – level one starts with the most basic knitting skills and eases you into pattern writing with one small pattern. You work a mitten as the project and write a report on blocking. Level 2 focuses on finishing techniques, and level 3 focuses on more advanced knitting techniques. You get to put all of these skills to the test by designing an original sweater and hat (and writing the patterns for them) in level 3.

If you’re interested and would like more info, check out the MHK page at (

Have you heard of the TKGA MHK program before? Maybe started it? (or finished it and are a MHK!) I’d love to hear from you!!

Next week I’ll share a little bit about my own personal journey.
Until next time, Happy Knitting!!

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