“Mirror” Knitting – Knitting Backwards

Today I have a tutorial video showing you how to knit backwards.

What is mirror knitting? If you’re working in the Western style, where the stitches are removed from the right side of the left needle — then mirror knitting is working the stitches off the left side of the right needle.

And what is knitting backwards? It’s working a purl row with the RS of stockinette facing you, and working from left to right off of the RH needle.

Confused? Hopefully the video will make it more clear.

Why would you want to do this? Think entrelac. Any time you are working a small number of stitches – knitting backwards (or mirror knitting) eliminates having to turn the work so frequently.

Next week I’ll show you knitting backwards decreases – these would be a p2tog and ssp when worked on the WS, but we’ll be working them with the RS facing while knitting backwards.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!!

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