Jogless Jog: Row Below Method

Today I have a video for you showing my favorite way to work jogless jogs.

Stripes in the round inevitably have a “jog” at the color change, unless you do something to mitigate this. It’s due to the fact that in the round knitting is a spiral, and there is no seam where color changes can be hidden.

With this method, you simply begin knitting with the new color, and work all the way around. When you get back to the first stitch in the new color, you  knit into the row below. This hides that stitch and lifts the join a bit, minimizing the “jog”.


  1. This can be used for any size stripe, from one row, to multiple rows.
  2. The number of rows of each color is maintained.
  3. It is not fiddly, and is easy to work.


  1. The color change location shifts one stitch to the left with each color change. This can get tricky with items that have to have a “beginning of round” maintained at a single location. You’ll have to mark the color change spot separately from the beginning of the round.

Here’s a video showing you the technique:

I hope this was helpful!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

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