Slip Stitch versus Mosaic Knitting

Today, I want to talk a little bit about Slip Stitch knitting and Mosaic knitting.

But first, in case you missed it –  I had a few video tutorials hit my YouTube channel over the last few weeks. I posted a couple videos on weaving in tails at a color change and in Fair Isle knitting, and a video talking about my 5 favorite knitting reference books. Check those out if you’re interested! I also had my first livestream on Tuesday (a Knit With Me and Ask Me Anything), and I will be holding those monthly, so subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified when I schedule my next one!

Going forward, since producing my YouTube videos is quite time-intensive, I will not post a corresponding blog post to go along with them unless there is a good bit more info to share in this written format. Today is one of those instances. So, do make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as well so that you don’t miss any content from me!

With all that said, let’s get to today’s topic!

Slip Stitch knitting is a type of knitting – with the only requirement being that stitches are slipped! The stitches could be slipped knitwise, or purlwise, and they could be slipped with the yarn held to the WS or the RS. They could be slipped on just one row, or slipped over the course of multiple rows.

Mosaic knitting is a sub-set of Slip Stitch knitting. Mosaic knitting uses slipped stitches, but it also follows other “rules”. (I will have a more in-depth video and blog post next week on Mosaic knitting.)

Basically, Mosaic knitting always slips stitches with the yarn to the WS of the work, two rows of one color are worked before switching colors, and the second row in the set of 2 rows is worked the same as the first row (worked stitches are worked again, and slipped stitches are slipped again.) Mosaic patterns are very geometric.

Not all slipped stitch patterns are Mosaic, but all Mosaic knitting is Slip Stitch.

Here is my video quickly comparing the two techniques:

I hope this was informative! Stay tuned next week for a more in-depth look at Mosaic knitting!

Until then, Happy Knitting!!


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