Reading Mosaic Knitting Charts

Last week I showed you Mosaic knitting, and all the ins and outs for it!

This week I talk about how to read (or write) Mosaic knitting charts.

They are very similar to “regular” knitting charts – there are just a couple main differences.

Only one chart row is given for every 2 rows (in other words, the WS rows are not charted.) This makes sense when you remember that the 2nd row of each color is worked exactly the same as the first (so just knit the sts that were previously knit, and slip the slipped sts again. No need to even refer to the chart.) But if you do want to follow the chart, read the same chart row over again, this time from left to right!

The first and last stitch of each row are always worked in the working color. Therefore, the color blocks will alternate going up the sides of the chart, as you can see in this example:

Whatever block is present in the first spot of the row is the color you should be working with. (Remember, yarns are not carried across in Mosaic knitting like they are in stranded knitting. You are only ever working with one color in a given row.)

The stitch multiple or repeat will be noted, but remember as well that any number of stitches can be used in Mosaic knitting. Simply follow the chart row from right to left until you only have one stitch left, then knit the last stitch. It doesn’t really matter if you can’t complete a multiple! Then follow your knitting back on the WS and repeat the process with the next color.  Your motif/pattern will not be centered in your fabric this way, but it still works just fine.

Here is a video talking about these charts:


I hope this was helpful!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!


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