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Rhinebeck 2021 Recap!

Hi everyone!!

I’ve had a very busy couple of months! October was Rhinebeck (NY Sheep and Wool) – a “just for fun” trip, and then SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival) – also “just for fun”.
And then in November was the TKGA Retreat in Portland, Oregon (I was one of two teachers at the retreat, teaching 4 classes) and the the Unwind Getaway Retreat in Blowing Rock, NC (I was one of 4 teachers, teaching 3 classes).

Now, I’m done with all my teaching gigs for the rest of the year! Whew!

I thought I’d do some write ups/recaps of all of these events for you. I’ll start with Rhinebeck:

This year, Rhinebeck was a hybrid event with virtual classes but in person vendors (and some online vendors too.) Masks were required indoors (or they were supposed to be required) and barns and buildings were one-way traffic (again, or they were supposed to be.) Many people didn’t follow the “supposed” to items. But it was mostly open-air, so I didn’t ever feel too unsafe.

I was able to livestream to my YouTube channel from Rhinebeck – so check that out below if you’d like to get a first-hand look at what that festival is like!

I drove up (in one shot!) from NC – took me about 12 hours! I arrived on Thursday night and then went to Indie Untangled on Friday. My ticket was for 11:30-1pm, so I slept in, then headed over for my shopping time. So many neat indie dyers I had never heard of! And some familiar faces (Queen City Yarn was there!) I bought some yarn (which happened to be the only yarn I bought all weekend.)

Space Cadet on left, Murky Depths in middle, Queen City Yarn at right.

I hung out at the picnic area most of the afternoon with friends (in the hot blaring sun!!) then had dinner out with friends that evening.

Then Saturday was Rhinebeck! The weather was nice – windy and cloudy and threatened rain, but the rain held off until about 4:30. It got a little bit hot in the afternoon.

Line to get into Rhinebeck!

Kristy Glass flagged me down at the entrance for her “Tell Me About Your Rhinebeck Sweater” video, which was very cool! (Check out her video for some *amazing* Rhinebeck sweaters!) Once inside, I made a bee-line for Dusty’s Vintage Buttons, and then did some laps around the barns.

My Rhinebeck weekend haul!
Hot apple cider and apple cider donut!

I met up with friends at lunchtime and we had a quick photo session:

At 2pm I did my YouTube livestream, and I left the festival about 4pm or so.

Drinks with some friends for a few hours, then dinner with friends again that evening, and then I did the 12 hour drive home on Sunday.

A quick weekend trip, but it was SO much fun! If you ever get a chance to go to Rhinebeck, you definitely should go!

Stay tuned for a SAFF recap in a few days!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!


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