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SAFF 2021 Recap!

I had a quick weekend trip to Rhinebeck in mid-October, and then I turned around for a long weekend getaway with friends to SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival).

We arrived at our rental house on Wednesday, and had a relaxing few days together! The house we rented was on a steep, one-lane mountain road – so it was a bit nerve-wracking leaving and returning to the house!! The view was quite nice, though:

Sunset off the back porch.

We ate dinner one night at Postero – I had the best beef (prime rib) I have had in a long time! It was a superb restaurant, and will definitely aim to go back there the next time I’m in the area.

Headed to SAFF on Friday afternoon, and then again on Saturday.

I bought quite a bit of yarn this time around!

Black Cat Yarns
SAFF haul

The best part about this trip was getting to spend so much time with my friends. We ate, drank wine, knitted, chatted, and generally had fun just hanging out for most of our time there. It was simply lovely. <3

I tried doing a livestream from SAFF on Saturday – like I did from Rhinebeck – but the cell/internet was so bad that the livestream dropped the instant I got into the building. I did take some video, though, so I’ll put a video together soon and post it to my YouTube channel.

So anyway, that was my SAFF trip! 

Until next time, Happy Knitting!!


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