Sock September

Sweet Tomato Heels

Today we take a look at the Sweet Tomato heel, which is a heel that was developed by Cat Bordhi. 

Video Redacted at request of Cat Bordhi’s estate.

If you want to try this heel out, here’s a tutorial pattern:

Tutorial Pattern, Sweet Tomato Heel:

Tutorial Redacted at request of Cat Bordhi’s estate.

I hope this was informative! Let me know if you give this heel a try!

Stay tuned on Wednesday for the next post in the Sock September series! Until then, Happy Sock Knitting!!


2 thoughts on “Sweet Tomato Heels”

  1. from watching the video and trying to follow with a print of of the instructions in Resolve Wedge did you miss the (RS) slip1 beore the *Knit to 1 st before the gap

    1. Hi! Yes, I believe you are right! I will fix that in the instructions, thank you for pointing it out!

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