Sock September

Avoiding Gap at Afterthought Heel Corners

Today’s video is on a couple of different ways in which I try to avoid holes at the corners of my afterthought heels. 

Here’s the video:


I pick up an extra stitch one column in from the corner, just on one side of the picked up stitches, and I do this in each corner. This usually closes any holes. If it’s not good enough, I use a piece of waste yarn on the inside and “cinch” the hole closed by running the waste yarn in a few spots around the hole.

I hope this was helpful!! Today was the last tutorial post in Sock September 2022 – Friday’s video and post will be a wrap up. Please let me know if you’ve enjoyed Sock September this year!! And if you would like to see this again next year, let me know (along with your suggestions for a theme!)

See you Friday for the wrap up!

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