Conference/Festival Recaps

DFW FF Recap

Hi all!

I know I promised you a blog post or two while I was in Dallas, but I got so caught up in everything that I totally forgot to post! I’m sorry! But I’ll do a nice big recap post here today for you.

Sheepy nails done!
Butterflies and Beads.

Once I had my nails done and my stitch markers made (for the stitch marker swap!) I was ready to head out.

I arrived in Dallas Fort Worth on Wednesday morning, and rented a car. I had to kill time before my hotel room was ready – so I found the nearest Target and bought some water and a few groceries plus a couple other things I forgot (I always forget something!) I grabbed lunch at Panera, and then was able to check into my room.

I met several TKGA committee members for dinner Wednesday night – and it was so nice to finally meet a few in person – as well as to see the others – the last we had seen each other was in 2016 in Charleston (or before then even!)

Master’s Day on Thursday went very well – we had a couple hiccups at the start, but overcame those quickly – and everyone seemed to enjoy the day! I had so much fun teaching my 3 classes and interacting with the Master’s students. It’s an amazing thing to be among other people who are as dedicated to this craft as I am!

TKGA Master Knitters present at DFW FF

The next day (Friday) I had a class with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee – Knitting for Speed and Efficiency. It was very good! I want to order a knitting belt so that I can practice my lever knitting without having to shove the needle in my armpit, lol. There were lots of things I could apply to my current knitting style to improve my efficiency, too.

Kaleidos shawl kit from Panorama Fiber.
Czech Glass shawl pin from Crafty Flutterby. (It’s very hard to catch the many colors in the glass! It’s so pretty and iridescent in person!)

Oh, and I made sure to hit the vendor floor asap Friday morning before my class because there were 2 things I wanted that I knew from Instagram were in limited supply! One was the shawl kit from Panorama Fibers, and the other was the Czech glass shawl pin from Crafty Flutterby.







I helped man the TKGA table on the show floor every chance I got – it was so nice to not only interact with Master’s students on a more one on one basis, but also socialize with my fellow committee members!

Saturday was my free day, so I walked over to see the Las Colinas Mustangs, and then hung out at the TKGA booth all day (and shopped too, lol!)

The Mustangs of Las Colinas. Artist: Robert Glen.
Linen Lace for a lightweight top!
Lace yarn! Merino wool from Lost City Knits, Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere from October House, Merino/silk from Lazy Cat Yarn.
Zipper Bag from Graces Cases.
Two skein medium bag from Graces Cases.

Sunday I hung out at the booth in the a.m., and then had a class with Franklin Habit in the afternoon: Photographing your Fiber. That was an excellent class, and I came away with some better knowledge for my photos going forward. And I won a door prize in that class – some Miss Babs yarn!

Door Prize! Yay!
My stitch marker haul from the swapping over the weekend. I didn’t swap as much as I thought I would – there was just so much to see and do that I missed out on catching some folks. Oh well – it was loads of fun! If I swapped with you – thank you!! ❤

I came away with some really neat stitch markers, too.

Show floor from the TKGA table looking to the left.
Photo booths in the Fiberatory. Awesome idea!!
Braid to scarf competition – these are the ‘Wonder Women’ team spinning and weaving away! (They ended up winning by one point!)

It was a fantastic weekend. My first trip to DFW FF, and I can tell you now it will not be my last! This show was run SO well by all the volunteers (it’s a non-profit and all volunteer run) – the show floor was fantastic, the ‘Fiberatory’ was a brilliant idea, they treated us Master’s Day teachers really well – overall it was a super positive experience! If you can make it to a future DFW FF, I highly recommend it!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!! ❤

Conference/Festival Recaps

TKGA 2014 Conference wrap-up: with Photos!

The TKGA conference this year was phenomenal!  And not just because I got my pin there (although that will always make it special for me), but it was really so well run and it was even better than the two conferences I’ve been to before (not that those weren’t good too – they just keep getting better and better, it seems!)   🙂

The venue was fantastic, the people were (as always) so friendly and nice, and the events were well done and wonderful.  The classes I took were really good, too!

As promised, here are a few photos from the week, and feel free to check out my Flickr Photo Album for even more photos!

Hotel lobby

Stylish doggie out front.



Suzanne giving me my pin.
Getting my pin!
The presentation was just great!
Yarn Tasting

Now to just plan out how to get myself to San Diego for next year’s conference! 🙂

Happy Knitting!

Conference/Festival Recaps

TKGA day four recap

I’m home now from the conference, but here’s my quick day four recap from yesterday!

My roommate and I had no classes, so it was a very relaxing day!  We walked over to a little French cafe for coffee and breakfast in the morning, and then on our way back to the hotel we stopped by the cupcake shop again and got cupcakes for later.  🙂  (That was the way to do it – they had such a great selection in the morning, compared to the afternoon we had gone earlier!)

We relaxed and knit in the Serenity Zone until the afternoon, and then walked over to a nearby Hungarian restaurant and got sandwiches there for lunch.  Then we chilled out in the room until it was time to go to the Yarn Tasting that evening.  The Yarn Tasting was absolutely wonderful!!  We got perfect tiny little skeins of each yarn to sample, and got lots of goodies to take home with us, including many sumptuous yarns!  (I’ll do another blog post next week with some pictures and show you what I got in detail.)  StevenBe and Stephen West were an absolute hoot as our MCs.

We then said goodbye to all our friends and got up super early to fly home this morning.

I’m exhausted and happy to be home – but I had such a good time the whole week, and will forever cherish the memories and friends I made during my time in NH.  🙂

Stay tuned for some photos and pictures of my purchases in the next day or two.

Happy Knitting!!


Conference/Festival Recaps

TKGA day three recap

Hello again! Day three was busy busy, and fantastic!! I had an all day class, Textured Twined Fingerless Mitts, with Beth Brown Reinsel. It was such a wonderful class! Beth is a phenomenal teacher -I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I’ll have to post pictures of my mitt when I get home. It’s a very interesting technique.

I had lunch in the hotel with some friends and then ran over to the marketplace to help model in the Exhibitor fashion show. 🙂

Last night was the Summer Soirée – the TKGA banquet/fashion show/pinning ceremony.  It was so wonderful to get my pin and to show off my sweater in the fashion show.  I’m still kind of living in a dream right now – I really can’t believe I’m actually a Master Knitter, and a Committee member to boot!  The food was wonderful and of course the company was just lovely as well – the best part of these conferences is the people that you meet – I’ve made so many friends over the course of the three conferences that I’ve been able to attend!

I’ll post recapping today (and the whole conference) tomorrow once I’m home, and I should have some photos to share with you!! I’m really looking forward to the yarn tasting tonight! 🙂

Until tomorrow, Happy Knitting!!

Conference/Festival Recaps

TKGA day two recap

Wow, have I only been here two days? It seems like so much longer than that (in the best way possible!) – so many experiences crammed into those couple of days!

Yesterday I had a morning class- Spinning for Lace with Galina Khmeleva.  It was awesome!  Then I had the afternoon off – so I walked to a local deli for lunch, and then after that walked to a cupcake shop with my roommate (and we each bought two cupcakes – one for right then and one for later!) The shop was Queen City Cupcakes, which we thought was interesting, since we live in the Queen City! 🙂  (I guess Manchester must be known as the Queen City as well?) The cupcakes were divine.

I spent the afternoon pleasantly knitting and chatting in the Serenity Lounge – it was very serene. 🙂

My roommate and I had dinner at a nearby Irish pub, and then we shopped in the marketplace preview (I fell down hard at the RedFish Dyeworks booth!! (Pictures will be forthcoming when I get home!)

I’m super excited about today and tonight – I have an all day class and then tonight is the banquet!! 😀

Happy knitting!!