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Master Knitter Monday: Issue #1

One of my resolutions for 2011 is to try to finish my Level 2 Master Knitter submission.  I passed Level 1 in September of 2009, and ordered my Level 2 instructions right away.  I started on my research for the report as soon as I got my instructions.  I started on a couple of the swatches as well, but then the whole thing languished.  The instructions were revised in August of 2010, with some changes to the required swatches and such, so I figure I’ll just start over with everything but the report. The required report is essentially the same, so I’m in OK shape with that. 

To help me with my goal, I’m planning on posting my progress here – probably not every Monday, but as often as I can make myself! 🙂

Here’s what I have so far:

Swatch #1: Stockinette swatches, seamed.

Swatch #1 - pre-seaming, blocking
Swatch #1, Seamed.

When I knitted these previously, I did them seperately and tried to keep track of my number of rows, but I kept getting scatter-brained and not counting right.  So, to save myself the headache, I knitted them at the same time from two balls of yarn.  No different row counts now!  I’m not sure if I’m completely happy with this, but I’m leaving it for now, anyway.  I think my tension is a little bit wonky on the seamed edges in a couple spots.  I may come back and do it over again (again!).   I have a devil of a time keeping my tension on my selvedge edges even – it’s one of my big struggles in working through the program.

I had knitted my fair isle mitten early last year – in looking at it again I think it’s acceptable:

I’ve got one swatch down (out of 24) and the mitten done, and most of my research done for the history report.  It’s a start.  Hopefully I’ll have Swatch #2 to show you next week!  (And possibly a re-done Swatch #1, we’ll see…)

Happy Knitting!

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